StateHouse Tallahassee, GRO

Tallashassee, Florida

When 908 Group came to Asset Living to manage the lease-up of StateHouse Tallahassee, the market was oversaturated with many other “brand-new” properties. Asset Living rose to the challenge by changing the name of the game of this 604-bed community with 138 total units. The key was to differentiate the properties’ digital presence and implement new marketing tactics. Through Asset Living’s lease-up efforts in 2020-2021, the team successfully leased both StateHouse Arena and StateHouse Varsity to 100% pre-lease and achieved 100% occupancy at both sites. Despite having the highest rates in the market, the StateHouse properties become some of the biggest competitors in Tallahassee.

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The Challenge

Managing a lease-up in the highly competitive and oversaturated Tallahassee market meant that the team had to double down its strategy and predict every obstacle.

  • Breaking through the clutter and outsmarting the competition.  
  • Marketing to our target audience during the pandemic.
Our Solution

Asset Living focused most of StateHouse Tallahassee’s marketing efforts on creating a digital ad strategy that launched ad content across multiple channels. These included:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Facebook / Instagram Ads
  • Instagram Reels Ads
  • Retroactive Geofencing Ads
  • YouTube Ads
Saad Arij
Vice President of New Lease-Ups
Investing creatively and strategically in a digital marketing program paired with an experienced onsite team propelled the StateHouse Tallahassee properties to stand out in a crowded space within a highly competitive market. It was the collaborative relationship between Asset Living's lease-up team and our digital partner that resulted in StateHouse Tallahassee not only receiving the industry recognition it deserved at the 2022 Innovator Awards during the InterFace Student Housing Conference, but also the highest pre-lease in the market with little to no turnover. I couldn't be prouder of all parties involved, and I'm excited to continue to build on this momentum with our teams for our clients!"
The Results

StateHouse Tallahassee successfully pre-leased the property to over 100%. Despite the ultra-competitive Tallahassee market, StateHouse ended the leasing season with the highest pre-lease and experienced little to no turnover from residents.

  • Google search ads received 36.5K impressions, 6.9K clicks, a click-through rate of 19%, and an average CPC of $1.01.  
  • Geofence advertising garnered 477K impressions and 962 clicks.  
  • Social media advertising reached approximately 550K, received 604K impressions, 6.69K clicks and a link click-through-rate of 1.1%.  

Google Search Advertising

  • Clicks / 6,940
  • Impressions / 36,550
  • CTR / 19%
  • Average CPC / $1.01

Geofence Advertising

  • Impressions/ 477,000
  • Clicks/962

Social Media Advertising

  • Impressions / 604,000
  • Reach / 550,000
  • Clicks / 6,690
  • Link CTR / 1.1%
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