Aero on 24th, Kayne Anderson / AltaTerra

Aero on 24th, Kayne Anderson / AltaTerra

Not long after Asset was called to collaborate with Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors and AltaTerra’s newest development, Aero on 24th, we faced 2020’s greatest challenge: the COVID-19 pandemic. Working within unprecedented parameters, the Asset team led the property in innovating their move-in process, delivering an exceptionally welcoming experience that prioritized the safety needs of students, parents, and on-site staff.

Gainesville, Florida
Aero on 24th, Kayne Anderson / AltaTerra


  • Coordinating April 2020 early move-in for residents after completing construction ahead of schedule
  • Creating a personalized move-in experience with limited contact, while minimizing COVD-19 risks
  • Establishing and maintaining new standards of safety for residents, parents, and staff in accordance with CDC recommendations

Our Approach

Planned and executed Asset’s first large-scale COVID-friendly move-in experience 

Asset’s team responded to unprecedented times by leading Aero through a move-in experience that catered to student and parent needs with heightened safety precautions and limited contact. The team strategically utilized key lock boxes, text alerts, and electronic document submission, ultimately creating a COVID-concious method that welcomed students to their new home while keeping everyone’s safety as a top priority. 

Proactively prepared students and parents for updated move-in standards

In order to ensure comfort, ease worries, and guide a seamless move-in experience, Asset drove impactful communication efforts between Aero, students, and parents. Through frequent open and effective communication, Asset set expectations for students and their families, minimizing surprises and maximizing assurance in the safety of both Aero’s process and the property at large.

Maintained Aero’s personal touches within pandemic parameters

We worked to reimagine Aero’s “high touch” approach to management, which typically involves an extremely personalized resident experience, for the “hands off” world of COVID-19. We maneuvered around pandemic limitations by leveraging various technology platforms to ensure open, always-available communication between staff and residents. In addition, we welcomed residents by leaving personalized gifts and informational resources. All units were  professionally sanitized and residents were offered free mover assistance that followed CDC guidelines. Through all of these measures, we were able to welcome residents to their new home in record time.

Aero on 24th, Kayne Anderson / AltaTerra
Asset’s leadership not only oversaw a highly successful lease-up in an incredibly challenging time, but they pulled off a contactless move-in that has been lauded by residents and parents. As an ownership group, we celebrate a ‘high touch’ approach and they successfully captured that in a ‘touchless’ environment. The team continues to impress us day in and day out."
Michael A. and Evan S.
AltaTerra Real Estate
Aero on 24th, Kayne Anderson / AltaTerra

The Results

  • Shared newly developed processes company-wide while setting the standard for how properties should navigate during unprecedented times 
  • Increased revenue due to the execution of the early move-in for over 50% of residents
  • Maintained the safety of residents, staff, and families through move-in process
  • Earned positive reviews from residents and parents in response to a carefully developed move-in experience

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