At Asset Living,
leadership isn’t reflected in your title
— it’s a mentality that’s ingrained into who we are and how we serve.

CEO & President

Ryan McGrath

Ryan McGrath is a seasoned expert in multi-site management, strategic planning, and executive leadership. As CEO and President of Asset Living, he oversees a team of 8k employees, driving operational excellence and client value. With a background in investment banking, Ryan’s leadership has propelled Asset Living to become the second-largest property management firm in the nation with 285k units and $55B in assets under management.

Our Leadership Team

Meet our diverse team of industry experts with a wealth of experience and an unwavering passion to serve our clients and communities. Together, we are committed to being the most trusted partner in real estate.

Let’s grow together.

Large group of asset employees on stage at a conference
Leadership starts here
Tyler Johnson and Ryan McGrath

Leading the Way at Asset Living

Tyler Johnson started as a community assistant in College Station, TX, and has become one of our greatest assets, leading our multi-family central division.

His more than 15 years with Asset Living have given him the experience in multiple roles from student housing to conventional multi-family and opportunities to pursue his ultimate career goals. Today, Tyler is committed to mentoring and developing his team of experts while maintaining best-in-class operations for our clients and communities nationwide.

At the core of our accomplishments, success stories, and bold ambitions, there’s a devoted team that’s always raising the standards.

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