Asset Living is the chosen partner for build-to-rent communities nationwide. We have successfully led a multitude of build-to-rent deals through the full cycle from development, lease-up, to stabilization – while offering our clients a uniquely tailored service suite.

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Our industry experts put best practices, procedures, and policies into place to ensure efficiency and excellence at every level of your property. 

  • Employee and property oversight
  • Facility management 
  • Procurement and administration

Financial Planning and Analysis

We see the value in every dollar. That’s why we work proactively to help you make calculated decisions that increase the value of your investment. 

  • Investor grade financial reporting
  • Budget preparation and evaluation
  • Variance analysis and recommendations

Human Resources

With decades of experience finding, maintaining, and managing top talent, we know what works. Let us develop, train, and support on-site teams to ensure your property runs seamlessly. 

  • Recruitment and talent development
  • Benefits administration
  • Workforce management

Advanced Data Analytics

Make informed decisions with exclusive access to a wealth of data insights, collected over decades of property management experience.

  • Historic market details and trends
  • Proprietary data indexing system


Our marketing efforts are proactive and personalized, with dedicated corporate resources for every partner. Using advanced digital advertising and technology, we work to strengthen your property’s reputation and performance.   

  • 1:8 dedicated marketing personnel to property ratio
  • Website content management system
  • Logo design, branding, and rebranding
  • Promotions, outreach, and resident event coordination

Market Research

Foolproof your forecasts and stay ahead of the market with an in-depth analysis that covers market supply, competitive property surveys, pipeline developments, university enrollment patterns, and more.

  • Exclusive in-house database
  • Development pipeline tracking
  • University enrollment pattern identification


Our experience spans more than 200 markets and over $20 billion of student and multi-family asset evaluations. We are experts at finding, presenting, and maximizing property investment opportunities.

  • Comprehensive asset evaluation
  • Assumption validation and risk reduction
  • Internal market research support
  • Ongoing opportunity sourcing and modeling
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Due Diligence

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your property’s strengths and weaknesses before you commit to your investment. Utilize custom-collected data to make strategic price negotiations, NOI forecasts, and more. 

  • Thorough lease analysis
  • Unit interior assessments and room-by-room breakdowns
  • Detailed market analysis
  • In-Depth operational assessment and recommendations  

Capital Improvements

Hand your value-add projects over to our expert team for a stress-free experience from initial proposals to final completion. 

  • Bid and proposal oversight
  • CapEx recommendations and value-add analysis
  • Complete coordination of major projects

Development Consulting

Make your property vision a reality with help from our seasoned team of experts and expansive vendor network. 

  • Architect and design plan reviews
  • Data-driven unit and building planning
  • Vendor recommendations and coordination 
  • Property launch preparation

Talent & Compliance Training

Recruit top talent by partnering with our industry-leading brand. Then, implement our award-winning HR methods to onboard, maintain, and grow high-performing teams. 

  • Nationwide talent network
  • Performance-focused career growth strategies
  • Streamlined onboarding processes 
  • Continued education tools
  • Learning management software and compliance training

Leading our partners to build-to-rent success

We increase the value of your build-to-rent project by creating a space that mimics the benefits of homeownership while offering the financial flexibility of renting. From active adults to working professionals and everyone in-between, Asset Living knows renters care about the same things as homebuyers which is why we are dedicated to ensuring the space is in line with our renters’ needs.

Expertise you can trust

We understand how to effectively market your asset as well as operate with efficiencies from pre-development to stabilization and beyond. As one of the largest and most trusted in the category, Asset Living was an early adopter and continues to lead in the build-to-rent sector. We have proven expertise through our decades of property management experience, relationships, and industry accolades.

Impeccable customer service

With a growing demand for this sustainable platform, Asset Living remains in the front of this ever-changing space. As we pave the way for clients and residents, Asset Living is the innovative leader of choice that offers a tailored service suite with the ability to customize our offerings to best fit the needs of any client. From the partners that grow their portfolios with us to the residents that find their homes, we are dedicated to delivering superior customer experiences to everyone we serve.

Comprehensive and customizable service suite

We understand that there is more to your property’s success than exceptional management and we know the uniqueness of build-to-rent is best suited for a team that is uniquely qualified within the space. Asset Living’s talented experts combine a full-service suite that includes specialized training, websites, marketing collateral, and more, making Asset Living a preferred partner for any build-to-rent project.

1:5 supervisor to property ratio
Industry-leading client experience
65% resident retention
Less turnover and direct cost savings
100% codified
Seamless property onboarding
2019 Best Places to Work in Multi-Family
Best Places to Work in Multi-family
National Apartment Association Awards Recipients
#3 on NMHC’s Top 50 Manager List
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The proof is in our results

Bruce D.
President, Paragon Development Group
We chose Asset Living because of their reputation for success with build-to-rent properties. From the beginning, their responsiveness, aptitude, and commitment to our objectives made it clear that we made the right decision. In the end, Asset guided us in bringing an incredibly valuable property to life that we’re confident will continue to benefit our portfolio for years to come.”
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From the residents living on-site to our partners behind the scenes, we’re fully invested in creating personal and professional success stories. What can we do for you?

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What’s your vision?

From the residents living on-site to our partners behind the scenes, we’re fully invested in creating personal and professional success stories. What can we do for you?

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