Building better communities starts with our personalized build-to-rent solutions that are tailored for each client’s needs.

Interior photo of asset living build-to-rent property
Interior photo of asset living build-to-rent property
Exterior photo of family in an asset living build-to-rent property
Home sweet home

Driven by data and experience, our teams harness insights to successfully identify opportunities setting us apart as unrivaled industry leaders. With a diverse portfolio, we serve as dynamic partners to clients who are looking for customized build-to-rent property management solutions.

We empower your build-to-rent investment, crafting a living space that captures the essence of homeownership perks while offering the financial agility of renting.

Exterior photo of asset living build-to-rent property
2 girls in construction vests smiling in front of a development in progress

From busy professionals to growing families and everyone in between, we recognize that renters share similar priorities with homebuyers. This is why we’re committed to aligning spaces with our renters’ needs.

What is

Unlike traditional for-sale residential properties, which are built to be sold to individual homeowners, build-to-rent (BTR) properties are built for rental purposes. These communities often prioritize modern amenities, communal spaces, and professional property management services to create a comprehensive living experience for residents.

Exterior photo of asset living build-to-rent property

What makes
build-to-rent unique?

This unique model aims to provide a hassle-free and community-focused rental lifestyle, offering residents the benefits of flexible housing choices, high-quality living spaces, and the convenience of on-site services while also presenting investors with stable and potentially lucrative income streams.

Trusted Team of Experts

We understand how to effectively market your asset as well as operate with efficiencies from pre-development to stabilization and beyond. As one of the largest and most trusted in the category, Asset Living was an early adopter and continues to lead in the B2R sector. 

Holistic Lifestyle Approach

Unlike traditional real estate models, our B2R communities prioritize residents' lifestyles. They offer a cohesive living experience by seamlessly integrating living spaces with amenities, services, and social opportunities, fostering a sense of belonging and well-being.

Tailored Management Strategies

When it comes to your B2R investment, we know it’s not a one-size-fits-all management model. Our team will work hand-in-hand to develop unique strategies for your B2R community.

Community is at the heart of everything we do from strategy to execution.

Recognized Industry Leaders

8 Corporate Offices Nationwide

With Local Market Support

38+ Years of Property Management Expertise

Providing Market Research Insights
& Data Analytics

100+ Property Management Awards Won

Due to Owner Satisfaction

Trusted by our Clients

We chose Asset Living because of their reputation for success with build-to-rent properties. From the beginning, their responsiveness, aptitude, and commitment to our objectives made it clear that we made the right decision. In the end, Asset guided us in bringing an incredibly valuable property to life that we’re confident will continue to benefit our portfolio for years to come.”

Bruce Dunn
President, Paragon Development Group

Our Reach is Nationwide

Fostering communities with our team of seasoned experts tailoring our approach to the unique needs of each property and client.


Navigating the northern landscapes, our regional experts thrive on innovation and collaboration, catering to the distinct goals of properties and clients alike.


Our eastern regional team combines local insights with industry acumen to create exceptional living experiences, enhancing both property value and resident satisfaction.


Combining a deep understanding of local dynamics with market research, our experts understand how to integrate cutting-edge practices allowing your property to excel.


Optimizing property performance, our western experts provide strategic insights that lead to resident satisfaction and increased NOI for our clients.

Driving positive impact for the clients we call partners and the places people call home.

Employee Spotlight

We see the future of build-to-rent as a blueprint for housing innovation, where community-centric living, technology, and sustainability converge to meet the evolving needs of the rental generation.”

Henry Zuaznabar
Vice President, Operations

Let’s work together.

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