Asset tote bag on ground that says "everyone deserves a place to call home"
Asset employee with their pet dog
Limitless possibilities

Grow Without Limits

Our growth mentality fosters a place where people are motivated to achieve their greatest potential. Here, every idea is valued, every person has the opportunity to succeed, and every win is worth celebrating.

We’re not just building careers—we’re nurturing aspirations.

Our success story is written by our people who embody our values.


Driven to do your best.

We never just go through the motions — we make the most out of every opportunity. Endlessly motivated, our team is stacked with go-getters that consistently show up and level up.
There are so many talented individuals that I get the chance to work for, with, and alongside who keep me driven to be the best employee each and every day.
Saad Arij
Senior Vice President, New Construction & Lease-Ups


Being honest and transparent is the key to your success.

We believe in being transparent, setting realistic goals, and working without bias. Our doors are open and our minds are set on always telling the truth — even when it’s not easy.
Asset employee shouting at conference

Honesty, in a word, is loyalty. Being honest with our clients, our teammates, and our residents is a value that speaks to the level of our loyalty. We are honest and consistently incorporate the expectation of honesty out of our respect for people and our loyalty to them.”

Kasey Jones
Vice President, Business Optimization


A family that has your back.

Asset’s connections run deep — we’re more like family than colleagues. We’ve got each other's back and enjoy each other’s company, day in and day out.

Before Asset Living, I didn’t know what it was like to have a work family. When I started my part-time Community Assistant position, I was not only accepted by my onsite team, but I also felt supported by many members of our corporate office. To me, that speaks volumes about the culture at Asset and how new employees are welcomed with open arms.

Jordan Blascoe
Community Manager

Large group of on-site Asset employees
Large group of on-site Asset employees

To me, making an impact at Asset Living means going beyond the office or boardroom. Giving back has been a passion of mine since joining Asset Living.”

Anna Long
Senior Regional Leasing & Training Director


Impacting our communities.

We are inspired by the comforts of home that our work can bring. As a result, we’re dedicated to doing good while doing well, and constantly looking for ways to serve our communities.

My journey with Asset Living began in 2019 when I joined as a Community Assistant. My career took an unexpected turn when I joined Asset Living, as I hadn't planned to pursue a career in housing. However, the dynamic and supportive environment at Asset Living led me to discover my passion for this field."
Sydney Bies
Regional Leasing Specialist
I started as a Community Assistant in college to cover my rent. I had no idea I would continue my career in student housing 15 years later. I have been fortunate throughout my career with mentors and supervisors who believed in my abilities and helped with my growth. My goal is to provide the same resources and opportunities for my team.”
Sarah Michels
Regional Manager
In March, I was blessed to become a mom to my now four month old daughter, Louise. After she was born, I took a few months off work as part of my maternity leave benefits. While I was nervous about stepping away from work, everyone on the HR team was so wonderful throughout the entire planning process and my teammates immediately jumped in on projects to help ensure every detail was being handled. This level of teamwork, friendship and integrity within our people is a true reflection of our corporate values and makes me proud to say I work for Asset Living. I’m so grateful to have had that special time with my baby and to have had a team that was so reliable and supportive when I needed it the most.” 
Amanda Rast Wallace
Vice President, Communications
I enjoy working at Asset Living and the support that I have received for broadening my education and involvement in the industry. I believe we should all aim to leave a footprint on what we love to do. After several years of volunteering with the Institute of Real Estate Management, I was chosen as the Central Florida Chapter President Elect for 2024. This is a great honor not only on a personal level but professionally and a great opportunity to inspire others to get involved and make a difference.”
Doris Granger
Community Manager
Being part of the migrations team and bringing new sites online, I have a direct connection to the new sites. There are a lot of factors that go into the success of our company. It fills me with pride, knowing I am a part of it.”
Thomas Holston
Director of Migrations