Haus State College, Kayne Anderson Real Estate

Haus State College, Kayne Anderson Real Estate

Haus is a new student housing development located in State College, PA, that offers an exclusive student experience unlike any other. As the fourth largest student housing market in the country with over 22,000 beds, State College is a highly competitive market with a wide range of housing options.

State College, Pennsylvania
Haus State College, Kayne Anderson Real Estate


The challenge for Haus was to stand out in this crowded market and offer a unique and valuable proposition to potential residents.

Our Approach

The team engaged Asset Living's creative marketing agency, Poetic, to conduct primary research and PSU student interviews to help them understand the market and identify innovative ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.

The team's research identified several marketing challenges, including the fact that the building was located downtown but not pedestrian, it had a limited amenity package compared to its downtown competitors, and it was a smaller community at 268 beds. However, this small size could be used to their advantage, the team came up with an innovative solution that leveraged this fact.

Haus State College, Kayne Anderson Real Estate
Our goal with Haus was to re-invent the way residents think about student housing. We created Haus as a brand that felt exclusive yet welcomed all walks of life. Haus provides an elevated environment for members to collaborate, relax, and create the best experience that college has to offer.”
Ryan DeVeau
Regional Lease-Up Specialist
Haus State College, Kayne Anderson Real Estate

The Results

The value proposition of Haus is that it offers a student experience that is one-of-a-kind, providing an exclusive community that appeals to students who want to stand out from the crowd. By intimately understanding the State College market through primary, on-the-ground research, Poetic was able to identify student insights and an opportunity in the saturated student housing market.

The branding and marketing for Haus have been executed perfectly by the site teams from Asset Living, and the development is currently in its first year of lease-up. It is already leasing ahead of historical new developments in State College, proving that the innovative approach taken by Aspen Heights Partners, Kayne Anderson Real Estate, Poetic, and Asset Living has been successful.


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