ONE Illinois, SABAN Capital Group

ONE Illinois, SABAN Capital Group

ONE Illinois is a premier student housing development that provides the ultimate off-campus living experience for students. ONE Illinois partnered with Asset Living to effectively manage and communicate with residents and prospects during the global pandemic.

Urbana, IL
ONE Illinois, SABAN Capital Group


Effectively communicate with prospects at all hours of the day, and during the 2020 global pandemic.

Our Approach

Asset Living's extensive vendor resources and relationships led to partnering with Courtesy Connection, an answering service for the property management industry.  

This service offers:

  • Phone Trees & Call Routing  
  • Call Recording
  • Instant Email Notification
  • Masked Outbound Calls

ONE Illinois, SABAN Capital Group
Courtesy Connection is one of the most helpful tools that I’ve had since I’ve been in student housing. Being able to call residents from the office number, wherever I am, is extremely useful. If I’m trying to get into a unit because there are some issues or if there’s a situation that happens after hours, then I can just call the resident directly when I’m standing at the door. If I’m working remotely, then Courtesy Connection allows my team to make calls directly from their phones. I use the system daily, and so does most of my management team.”
Santonio Murff
Community Manager at One Illinois
ONE Illinois, SABAN Capital Group

The Results

Our team shared key needs and insights that allowed the vendor to produce a strategic service plan. Once the service was rolled out, ONE Illinois dramatically increased its responsiveness to prospects and residents, brought visibility to missed call performance and follow-up, and acquired the tools to manage missed calls, even amid a pandemic, at scale.

  • 757% return on investment
  • 120 staff hours saved  
  • 79 masked outbound calls
  • With this success, Asset Living rolled out this service to 94 other properties


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