Parc at South Green

Parc at South Green

Before the property was managed by Asset Living, The Parc at South Green was limited by inadequate upkeep, lack of curb appeal, and the consequences of unresolved plumbing issues and outdated interiors. Nimes Real Estate handed the property over to our team in 2017, just days before Hurricane Harvey challenged the local community. Upon takeover, Asset was determined to not only overcome existing challenges––but also create new opportunities for this property’s success.

Houston, Texas
Parc at South Green


  • Streamlining office protocols and processes
  • Navigating the market with limited historical data
  • Fostering community and maintaining resident trust throughout and after Hurricane Harvey
  • Responding to an influx of resident service requests
  • Overcoming the property’s worn physical appearance

Our Approach

Coordinated and strategically led the property’s modernization

At takeover, Asset immediately assessed how to improve the property’s image and resident experience, leading to the realization that renovations were in ownership’s best interest. With careful consideration for which renovations would deliver the most ROI, Asset worked with ownership  to oversee the renovation of 85% of units, the addition of new signage, and the remodeling and expansion of amenities to include courtyards, picnic areas, and a playground. During renovations, Asset also recommended a water conservation program be incorporated into every apartment to minimize future expenses.  Through these efforts the property was transformed from a Class C to a Class B property. 

Utilized our extensive talent pool to form an energetic, capable staff

The Parc at South Green required an exceptional staff to reform the market’s perception of the property, as well as deliver an first-class resident experience––especially as residents dealt with Hurricane Harvey’s impact on their everyday life. Asset recruited, interviewed, and selected an incredibly experienced team that came together to ensure the property and its residents were taken care of, around the clock. 

Implemented improved processes and marketing tactics

When Asset inherited this property, its processes were disjointed and its marketing tactics were ineffective. Using our rolodex of industry knowledge, we singled out inefficiencies and put proactive plans in place to conquer them. Specifically, we installed a uniform property management platform and trained staff, arming them with the tools they needed to consistently monitor property data and uphold the resident experience. We also set the standard of quarterly unit inspections to help the property stay ahead of maintenance needs.

Parc at South Green
We are extremely pleased with the talent and results Asset Living has brought to our property. With their direction, our expenses have been controlled to meet budgeted guidelines. The staff demonstrates care for the residents and a commitment for the betterment of the property. No matter the challenge, Asset Living is able to adapt and conquer it.”
Jaime H.
VP, Asset Management
Parc at South Green

The Results

  • Partnering with Nimes in extensive interior and exterior renovations 
  • NOI growth revenue increased by 13%
  • Average price/square foot increased  from $1.14 to $1.36
  • A refreshed brand, including everything from marketing materials to on-site staff

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