Ryder on Olive, High Bridge Properties

Ryder on Olive, High Bridge Properties

Ryder on Olive is a private off-campus housing community in the University of California (UC) Davis market. Asset Living paired with partner Poetic during the pandemic, to introduce a new way for prospects to tour that would enable leasing during a time when in person tours were not possible.

Sacramento, CA
Ryder on Olive, High Bridge Properties


UC Davis, located in Davis, CA, went fully remote in March 2020 and did not return for over 18 months. During this time, student housing properties were having to pivot their leasing strategies to continue leasing while students were not there in person.

  • California Privacy Laws
  • Targeting Key Demographic During the Pandemic
  • Fully Remote Due to the Pandemic

Our Approach

Digital marketing was an effective way to reach students in a fully remote environment.

In May of 2021, Asset Living and Poetic collaborated to develop a strategy to provide students with a much more interactive experience online and delivered new and innovative ads to capture students’ attention, no matter their location.

Due to the lack of physical presence of students around campus and in Davis, CA, during leasing season, Ryder’s digital marketing strategy focused on four core targeting strategies.

  • Google AdWords Campaign
  • Social Media Targeting
  • Look-A-Like Audiences
  • Virtual Reality Ads
Ryder on Olive, High Bridge Properties
Ryder on Olive provided a unique challenge during a unique time. With little-to-no brand awareness among the student population due to the remote nature of the target demographic, digital marketing was one of the only vehicles to reach these students who were spread out across the state, country and even the world. The collaboration with Asset Living and Highbridge, the property development group, allowed Poetic to deploy strategies that were unique to the market and really jump-start the leasing velocity, with just a short window before move-in. The students at UC Davis had not been in town for almost 18 months prior to delivery but our team, along with the help of Asset Living, made sure they were very aware of the community and drove virtual engagement to set the property up for success for years to come."
Alex Abernathy
Executive Vice President of Poetic
Ryder on Olive, High Bridge Properties

The Results

  • Preleased from 30% to 99%
  • 9.93K Ad Clicks
  • 13.6% Click Through Rate on Ads

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