The Works, Lifeworks Affordable Housing Association

The Works, Lifeworks Affordable Housing Association

Lifeworks Affordable Housing Association approached Asset Living to manage The Works at Pleasant Valley, a multi-family affordable housing property. Asset Living led the lease-up and oversaw the community’s completion, working closely with ownership, the non-profit, and case workers to ensure a seamless introduction to the market and a rewarding experience for all who were involved.

Austin, Texas
The Works, Lifeworks Affordable Housing Association


  • Ensuring federal program requirements were met
  • Adequately serving a complex tenant base
  • Confirming potential residents met living requirements 
  • Achieving goals to enable the client to secure funding for Phase II

Our Approach

Customized the screening process

The Works required a screening process that protected the property, while also taking into consideration the extenuating circumstances of the potential residents. The Asset team collaborated closely with the non-profit to put custom screening policies in place that adequately served people in need, ultimately making the property more accessible and approachable to the target population.

Implemented Resident Transition Process 

Due to rigorous application standards established by various existing programs, Asset Living coordinated group application sessions directly with the client and case workers involved.  Caseworkers were informed of the documentation needed prior to the sessions to ensure the applicants were as prepared as possible, applications could be completed fully, which in turn expedited the applicant approval process. 

Working hand in hand with the case workers also ensured smooth transitions on move in day. Using the same group session approach, the management staff was able to review all lease provisions and expectations with the applicants. The united front between the non-profit organization and management ultimately led to a meaningful partnership that supported success for the greater community.

Delivering metrics for Phase II 

At takeover, the client communicated to Asset Living that their Phase II development funding was dependent on The Works initial success. Motivated to exceed expectations, our team developed an aggressive leasing, marketing, and occupancy strategy focused on delivering impressive metrics that would aid management in earning additional financial support for the development of Phase II.

The Works, Lifeworks Affordable Housing Association
We are extremely pleased with the performance of the property, as evidenced by the net income to date and the outstanding work of the Asset Living team. Ten years later, we are proud to still have The Works Phase I and Phase II in our current portfolio with the Asset team."
Susan McDowell
Chief Executive Officer
The Works, Lifeworks Affordable Housing Association

The Results

  • 100% occupancy in 3 months
  • Higher than anticipated NOI, allowing for the funding of additional programs
  • Secured funding for Phase II with key success metrics

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