Verve New Brunswick, Collegiate Development Group

Verve New Brunswick, Collegiate Development Group

The Verve property was armed with little more than a tiny (400 square foot) leasing office when Collegiate Development Group handed the keys over to Asset Living to oversee the operations and management of this high rise. Situated just a block away from campus, Asset Living was tasked with creating a unique living experience and brand that captured the best of off-campus living, as well as the convenience of being mere steps away from Rutgers University.

New Brunswick, NJ
Verve New Brunswick, Collegiate Development Group


  • Selling a high price point to a reluctant market
  • Creating a strong brand unique to the community 
  • Marketing a multi-faceted offering that included 45 different floor plans

Our Approach

Leveraged our talent pool and expertise to assemble and train an impressive staff 

At takeover, Asset recognized that to create excitement and expand the reach of this property, we were going to need the right people. That’s why we immediately focused our attention on the team. This meant training current staff, adding to the roster, and capitalizing on the existing “family” environment that was in place. With a newly energized team, we were able to reflect a cohesive and inviting brand experience, no matter how, where, or when students came in contact with the property. 

Used proactive marketing tactics to overcome hesitations

After realizing that the majority of students in this market were content with commuting, Asset knew the property had a lot to do to attract our target market. To accomplish our ambitious goals, we built our social media presence, growing the property’s following to over 4,000 Instagram users and increasing brand awareness. From there, Asset helped the team create quality student-centric content, ultimately targeting first-year students and helping the market see the value, fun, and community they could be a part of by choosing to live at Verve. 

Created a coveted brand that spoke directly to the target market

After building a following, we were able to showcase––and––grow this property’s appeal through strategic branding. By creating a brand image that demonstrated how much our team cared, we were able to gain market trust and transform that trust into leasing interest by taking actions that mattered to our target audience, one of those being offering more tours between the hours of 5 PM - 9 PM.

Verve New Brunswick, Collegiate Development Group
We knew going into New Brunswick that Rutgers wasn’t as mature of a market for off-campus student housing as compared to big name markets. But we hoped we had the right location and amenities to capture the students’ imaginations and lead us to success. Asset’s team didn’t simply outperform our competition––they crushed them with the incredible passion, professionalism, marketing savvy and drive they brought to Verve every day.”
Alex C.
Owner Representative
Verve New Brunswick, Collegiate Development Group

The Results

  • 100% prelease rate during the lease-up year
  • A backfill that includes 129 leases to date
  • Over 103% leased
  • An established, sought-after brand with a continuously growing following

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