Aero on 24th Gives Back to Gainesville Community

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Sep 24, 2021
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Aero on 24th Gives Back to Gainesville Community

At Asset Living, our onsite teams are constantly looking for ways to make an impact in the community. At Aero on 24th, the onsite team did just that when they created the “don’t dump it – donate it” program to not only help their residents, but to also make the move-out process more seamless for everyone involved.  

The “don’t dump it – donate it” program was an initiative launched to relieve stress from residents during the hectic move-in/move-out season. While residents had a lot of items to clear out of their space, the Aero team was looking for a way to give some of the items back to the community. With a Salvation Army located nearby, the team saw the perfect opportunity to collect donations from the entire Aero on 24th community.  

Several carts were filled with donation items that were brought to the local Salvation Army including gently used clothing, shoes, curtains, rugs, non-perishable foods, kitchenware, books, hangers, working electronics, school supplies, furniture, lamps, cleaning supplies, linens, bedding and towels. Asset Living Regional Supervisor, Jennifer Sokoloff, and Leasing Manager, Katie Pence, were part of the Aero on 24th staff to come up with the concept and execute by spreading the word via social media and flyers around the property to inform residents about the program.  

“This initiative was rolled-out by Katie Pence and the entire Aero on 24th team,” said Jennifer Sokoloff. “The program served as a huge benefit to maintenance. Not only did they not have to clean as much around the roll offs each day (since residents' dump around and not in the roll off), but this also reduced our trash volume which relieved the property of those high costs during turn. So this was a win-win-win!”  

Jennifer Sokoloff and the Aero on 24th team are a great example of how employees at Asset Living are making an impact on the community by doing good while doing well.  

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