Asset Living’s Jennifer Sokoloff Shares Advice on #BecomingAnAsset

Asset Living
Mar 29, 2023
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Asset Living’s Jennifer Sokoloff Shares Advice on #BecomingAnAsset

Understanding how to build a successful team starts with learning from those who have worked hard to develop and shape their career to become an integral part of the team. In the #BecomingAnAsset series, we ask Asset Living employees to share advice for those looking to grow personally and professionally – from turning challenges into opportunities for career development to persevering towards a promotion – our team members are full of quality advice that can help to guide anyone towards success. Today we are hearing from Jennifer Sokoloff, Regional Supervisor.

What is your background and experience in and what do you do within Asset Living?

"Just like many in this industry, I started as a Leasing Consultant in college. I never thought this would be my chosen career, but here we are! While I have worked in other industries (agencies focusing on social media), I found myself back in real estate property management. I started with Asset Living on May 3, 2018, and will be approaching my 5-year anniversary soon. I started as a Community Manager with a new development and oversaw two move-ins. I hopped right into a Lease-Up Specialist position for a new development, helped create the brand for it, oversaw the lease-up portion in 2019/2020, and stayed on for operations as Community Manager. I led Asset Living's first Virtual Move-In (during the pandemic) in April through August and remained vigilant about 2021's fall move-in while undergoing a due diligence for another sale.

Once that student asset was sold, I was promoted to Regional Supervisor on the multi-family side. As of now, I have been a part of four sales, two due diligences of assets that were added to my portfolio, and multiple takeovers working with our Atlanta division which are now in my portfolio as well.”

What piece of advice would you give to a new employee who is #BecomingAnAsset?

“Get involved! Utilize the training that is offered, always be willing to learn, and take on tasks that aren't necessarily ‘in your role’ so that you're not only being a team player, but you are constantly growing.  

Volunteer when you can, whether it's an online lease audit, training, and/or philanthropic events!  

Know that you are not alone. There is always someone to reach out to for knowledge/next steps. Be vulnerable to any weaknesses you have, and ensure you share your strengths so your colleagues can learn from you.

I have taken on new tasks, working with many new people/processes. Yes, there were days I questioned myself, but with that internal dialogue, I spoke up to those that could help me, and it did! Always know you have a voice, and always be where you're not just tolerated but celebrated!”

What drives you to be the best team member possible?

“Passion, loyalty, and my future! When you have passion for something, it's easier to show up for yourself on the days that are hard. When you are loyal to a company/organization, you see the bigger picture of giving and receiving support. You show up differently when you're loyal, and it's a want to versus a have to. When I think about my future with Asset Living, it keeps me going on days/weeks/seasons where it can be challenging (hello budget season)!

When you have others that depend on you, you are pressing forward not just for yourself but for others, and that is a huge driving factor in how I show up each and every day!”

What is your favorite memory from this year or within your career at Asset Living?

“There are so many from my first manager's meeting when being onboarded to the annual GM conferences (especially when I won GM of the Year under Team Fort) to working with my amazing teams on site.  

Being an Asset Ambassador (and winning 2021 Ambassador of the Year) was so exciting and unexpected but definitely one of my most favorite moments in 2021!

Also, opening two brand new assets was an insane amount of fun, and those move-in days with 100% took the cake, but ironically 2020 may have been one of my favorites ONLY because the camaraderie that took place was pretty amazing. In a year full of challenges to say the least, new anxieties, and different feelings/approaches to the pandemic – one thing stood true and that was how the teams showed up each day for me, for the site, for Asset Living, and in the spirit of supporting one another. We not only crushed our goals when the world essentially shut down, but we did it with love, kindness, and support. That says a lot about a team and a company!”

What advice would you give other women who are looking to pursue opportunities in property management?

Be confident, know who you are, and know you can take on any position you desire. It starts with trusting yourself, knowing your worth, and leaning in on your colleagues and leadership to grow. Always take the high road. Do not be afraid to ask questions and dig in so you can thrive! Lastly, be okay with not being the most intelligent person in the room. It allows you to improve!

Lastly, what do you like to do outside of work in your free time?

“I’m big on beach trips, love my morning workouts to keep my mental health in check, family time, concerts/events with my husband, playing with my fur-baby Leo and of course, Gator Football (sorry Ryan)! Recently I have become addicted to making shirts, hats, mugs, and basically crafting and making all the goodies I used to pay people for!”

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