Asset Living’s Real Estate Portfolio Now Exceeds 1,000 Properties Nationwide

Asset Living
Aug 2, 2022
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Asset Living’s Real Estate Portfolio Now Exceeds 1,000 Properties Nationwide

Houston (August 2, 2022) – Asset Living, a Houston-based leader in the property management sector, announced today that it has reached a new milestone of 1,000 properties across more than 40 states nationwide. Since 2021, the company has grown by over 60 percent and now manages a portfolio with an estimated real estate value of over $30 billion with more than 175,000 units across the nation.  

“Looking back on the last few years, it’s incredible to see how far we’ve come as an organization,” says Asset Living CEO and President Ryan McGrath. “This 1,000-property milestone is just another indicator of how exceptionally focused the team has been on serving our residents and clients, allowing us to build new partnerships, generate leads, and expand our footprint,” added McGrath.

Asset Living’s strategic growth has been planned for the past few years and in less than 12 months, the firm acquired three different property management organizations expanding its geographic footprint in the Southeast and Western parts of the U.S. The company also added new corporate offices in Denver, Atlanta, and Florida – specifically Melbourne and Tampa.

“I've been involved in student housing operations at Asset Living for over seven years and this milestone is a significant one,” says Executive Vice President of Student Housing Operations Stacey Lecocke.  “Our overall growth has afforded us the opportunity to expand our talent pools and grow our teams to provide industry-leading service to our residents and clients.”  

Earlier this year, Asset Living was ranked by Student Housing Business as the No. 1 third-party manager in the nation for the 11 year in a row. In the spring, Asset Living celebrated its 36anniversary and was recognized by the NMHC’s Top 50 List for being ranked the No. 4 largest property management company in the country. Asset Living was also ranked No. 8 by NAHMA’s Affordable 100 List in May.  

“As someone who started with Asset Living early on in my career, it’s impossible to put into words how significant this milestone truly is for everyone on the team,” says Executive Vice President of Multi-Family Operations Tyler Johnson. “Asset Living’s growth has provided our rising stars opportunities for career advancement, and we’ve also attracted some of the top talent in the industry. This talented team is the engine that sets us apart, and as we’re projecting growth into the final quarter of the year, our team will continue to focus on client service as the top priority.”

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About Asset Living

Founded in 1986, Asset Living (“Asset”) is a Houston-based real estate management firm. With a growing portfolio that includes a multitude of properties across the nation, Asset provides services to a variety of clients that include property management, asset management, receivership, and investment services. Asset is a member of The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), and is recognized as an Accredited Management Organization (AMO). To learn more, please visit

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