2021 Asset Ambassador Reflections

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Jan 3, 2022
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2021 Asset Ambassador Reflections

The 2021 Asset Ambassador program has come to an end! We heard from a few of those talented team members about what being an Asset Ambassador this past year has meant to them and how they define the role.  

Anna Long, Senior Regional Leasing & Training Director

"I am so thankful for conversations the Asset Ambassador program has opened with individuals looking for a new opportunity. We have been able to show people we are more than a place to work, we are family.”

Sydney Bies, Assistant Community Manager

"Being an Asset Ambassador has opened my eyes to how many amazing and supportive people there are within Asset. This company is a large family where everyone wants to get to know you and help to celebrate your wins. I am so proud to be associated with so many amazing individuals."

Karen Hefner, Senior Vice President

“Asset Living is our family and the best company to work for.  Being an Asset Ambassador, this year has allowed me to share that love with others via social media. Being on the welcoming committee to our new teammates/family members has been amazing. As we have continued with tremendous growth this year, I believe we helped make the transition for our new brothers and sisters easier. We let everyone at Asset Living know that we see you, we welcome you, we celebrate and love you!”

Jermey Bonds, Property Manager

“Being an Asset Ambassador has given me the opportunity to use my skills and talents and share them with the Asset Living family. Since becoming an Asset Ambassador, I have been able to travel, receive a promotion, and meet so many great people along the way!”

Alyssa Crinieri, Regional Leasing & Training Director

“Being an Asset Ambassador was so rewarding for me, people always ask why I have been at Asset for a decade, and it was a blast share my experience with so many people! The Ambassador program was also a fantastic opportunity to let the younger Asset family know all they must look forward to by continuing to advance with us!”

Corin Norvell, Property Manager

“Being a part of the first group of Asset Ambassadors has been a one-of-a-kind experience. Being the first to share our company’s amazing achievements and celebrating personal achievements with team members across the country has been nothing short of amazing! I love being asked by other industry professionals what it means to be an Asset Ambassador. We have truly impacted our industry and left our mark!”

Tiffany Blau, Director of Multi-Family Marketing

“Being an Asset Ambassador has given me the ability to share the love that I have for Asset Living, a company that has given me a career, friends, and family.”

Amanda Rast, VP of Communications

“The Asset Ambassadors we’re critical to the success of the Asset Living brand in 2021. From sharing our news on social to attending events and recruiting talented team members on behalf of Asset — we are thankful for the hard work of our Ambassadors this past year.”

Petia Gardner, Resident Service Director

"Being an Asset Ambassador has made me realize the importance of being a team player at Asset Living! We strive for greatness every day, we help each other, and build. I love being an Ambassador because I love my company Asset Living."

Chris Berger, Market Research Analyst

“Being an Asset Ambassador, to me, means being a mentor towards my colleagues while embodying the four core values of Asset Living. I have had the pleasure of collaborating and connecting with some of Asset Living's brightest and has been my ultimate joy.”

Rachel Kish, Regional Supervisor- Multi-Family

“I have enjoyed championing the Asset Living culture and brand because partnering with committed, creative, caring, competitive people totally lights my fire. It is easy to talk about the things you love!”

Joshua Reniger, Property Manager

“Being an Asset Ambassador has made my love for Asset and student housing even stronger. Not only am I more excited to share news about the company, but I’m more excited to share my experience with all who will listen! I am looking forward to growing my career with Asset Living and having big goals for myself and my team!”

Jessica Mancuso, New Development Marketing Director

"Being an Asset Ambassador has meant that Ive been able to help create a meaningful culture within the family-based company and thus promote that culture to the world. Being an Asset Ambassador makes me proud to lead and be led by some of the most creative, joyful, and talented colleagues."

Matthew Baily, Regional Leasing and Training Director

"Being an Asset Ambassador has opened so many opportunities for me! I have met so many new people and even got a promotion to the corporate team. I was able to see firsthand the excellence that Asset strives for each day."  

Stephanie Herrera, Business Development Associate

"I enjoyed being able to meet and talk to my fellow employees, who on a regular basis I would not usually interact with all while spreading the Asset Living brand."

Brent Camp, Regional Manager

“I love helping people find amazing careers and growth opportunities with Asset! I am so thankful for the opportunity to watch my team grow as leaders and to represent a company that I share so many values with.”

Brittany McMahan, Community Manager

“Serving as an Asset Ambassador for this wonderful company has afforded me opportunities to connect with my colleagues and our industry on a global level in a very meaningful way. We had a blast this year and I am profoundly grateful for every experience.”

Jordan Blascoe, Leasing Manager

“Being an Asset Ambassador has reinvigorated my passion for student housing by allowing me to work with people from diverse backgrounds and locations that share the same values as I do within the housing industry.”

Ivy Facio, Director of Corporate Marketing

"I am so thankful for all the connections I have made leading the 2021 Asset Ambassador program. I have been able to see and celebrate so many individuals, that without the program I may not have known about. Encouraging my peers to share their personal and teams' success on social media has been extremely rewarding.”

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