3 Ways To Ensure Your Company Centers And Values Its People

Ryan McGrath
Aug 25, 2022
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3 Ways To Ensure Your Company Centers And Values Its People

People, irrespective of sector or industry, drive business forward. As a leader, the sooner you embrace this reality, the better off you, and your company, will be. At Asset Living, we employ over 5,000 individuals across the country, and while many believe we’re in the business of real estate and multi-site management, we’re actually in the business of people. More specifically my role, as CEO, is to create value for the people we employ, the partners we collaborate with, and the clients we serve. Employees are the cornerstone of this paradigm; when your employees are empowered and fulfilled, they’ll ensure your partners and clients are always taken care of.

So, what can you do as a leader to find and maintain top talent at your company? Here are 3 core strategies I’ve used over the years.

Hire people smarter than you

Successful entrepreneurs learn early on that no matter how hard they work or how driven they are, they won’t be able to truly scale a business on their own. You won’t be able to attend every employee onboarding session, client meeting, or new business pitch. Instead of attempting to be a one-man show, focus on team-building and finding individuals that both complement your strengths and offset your weaknesses.

You’ll often catch me saying that I don’t lead people, but instead, lead through people. Leading people is the equivalent of being a team captain, leading through people is the equivalent of being a coach. Once you make the transition from captain to coach, the payoff for your organization will materialize. Adhering to this strategy will ultimately create a team that continues to push one another to grow, improve, and evolve.

Foster internal mobility

Promoting within cultivates a culture of loyalty amongst your people—it not only recognizes and rewards hard work, but it also serves as a blueprint of success for new hires to aspire to. These employees will also begin to understand the business and company on a deeper level, bolstering their subject-matter expertise while simultaneously broadening their skillset.

From a more practical perspective, the business bypasses recruiting costs and preemptively screens for cultural fit. In other words, you already know the individual’s values and ideals match up with the company’s vision and mission, making the hiring process—which can often become arduous and convoluted—more seamless.

Consider attitude, not just aptitude

The most talented team member isn’t always the best choice for the business. A team full of Tom Bradys would lose every game. Diversity of talent is fundamental for proper team-building; each member should bring a specific skillset to the table, collectively creating a well-rounded team. Beyond that, a person’s demeaner, how they treat others, speak, and listen should all go into consideration when extending an offer.

You definitely want to prioritize talent, but without sacrificing cultural fit. This is what makes recruitment a blend of art and science. Fit is difficult to glean, particularly on paper; that’s why interviews are absolutely necessary. Great candidates don’t just rise to the occasion, they raise the bar. Search for individuals that are looking to leave your organization better off than they found it, then invest in them.

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