5 Tips for Renters Looking to Travel this Spring

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Feb 23, 2023
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5 Tips for Renters Looking to Travel this Spring

We are all counting down the days for warmer weather and wondering when our next trip will be.

Traveling can get a bit expensive, but Asset Living is here to give you five tips on how to save money if you are looking to travel this spring.  

Tip #1: Create a Budget Spreadsheet

Creating a simple budget sheet centered on your financial goals can help lay out where you can cut back on certain expenses. Whatever expenses you cut back on, make sure you allocate them toward your travel plans. A clear and concise budget sheet that is easy to read will help you set aside funds for your Spring travel plans in a prompt manner.  

Tip #2: Save on your Utility Bill

Turning off your lights, A/C, and unplugging any devices when you are not home can help minimize your monthly spending on your utility bills. Lastly, another way to save on your utility bill is to make sure you shorten your showers; this can help save some extra money on your monthly bill and will help you save for your trip this Spring.  

Tip #3: Cook More Homemade Meals

Cooking more meals at home instead of dining out can help cut back on any eating-out expenses. There are a lot of recipes online that are budget-friendly and helpful in saving money. Homemade meals are friendlier on your wallet but are also more nutritious.  

Tip #4: Book on Time  

Making sure you book ahead of time can help save money on flights and hotels. Planning your trip months ahead can lessen the cost of your travel expenses. Whether it’s making sure you have your flight and hotel booked or finding ways to save on both; this will help cut back on your travel expenses. A key tip is to make sure you find discounts ahead of time in order to save on your hotels and flights.

Tip #5: Travel with a Friend (or Consider a Staycation!)

Traveling solo can be great, but if you are looking to splurge on your trip while saving money, traveling with a friend can help. This can help split the cost of your hotel stay and any activities you are wanting to spend time on while you are on your trip. Finally, if you have a credit card that has travel points use your travel points to cover the cost of your flight.  

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