Apartment Innovation and Marketing Conference (AIM) Recap 2022

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May 20, 2022
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Apartment Innovation and Marketing Conference (AIM) Recap 2022

Asset Living had the pleasure of attending the Apartment Innovation and Marketing (AIM) Conference where industry experts from across the country gathered in Huntington Beach, CA, to network and share key insights. The AIM Conference has been the only multi-family specific event that focuses on how to leverage creativity, innovation, and technology to help market and differentiate the multi-family living experience. From learning about the leasing office of the future to empowering the next generation of marketers, the Asset Living team of experts summed up the AIM Conference into three main takeaways.

Branding is everything.

Senior Regional Marketing Director Shelby Moore shares, “Property brands are so much more than colors, logos, and fonts. It’s what sets them apart from the competition. It will build and foster relationships with residents and prospects from more than a transactional view to an emotional view. Connecting with prospects to bring an empathetic and human approach is key in building advocates for your brand.”  

Create constraints.

Vice President of Leasing and Development Alyson Fitzpatrick shares, “Nick Tran, Head of Global Marketing for TikTok, created squads of people who each had different constraints (ex: time, small budgets, etc.). He would pressure test by having a model that forced ideas through the system with different constraints and the output of that model was what really ended up thriving.”  

She adds by saying, “To create a typical campaign takes two to three months from start to finish to produce an idea, coming up with a creative brief, working with an agency, producing it, taking it to market, etc. He told his team that they had to figure out a way to do the same thing successfully in 3 days vs. 3 months. He explained that if they were creating something new that is coming to market 2 to 3 months from now, they would look completely outdated because trends move so fast, and they had to move with the speed of culture. Without this, they could not prove to others that their app was driving culture. Being able to force a new model and a new process through innovation (both creative and operational innovation) was one of the most amazing things that came out of pushing the team through constraints was bringing something to life that had never been done before.”    

Leverage artificial intelligence (AI).

Director of Marketing Tiffany Blau says, “I enjoyed learning more about how we can use AI to make our marketing cohesive and more agile to help find people with ‘intent to rent.’ The data behind the use of AI, is to find the renter’s journey from finding the community through the process of signing a lease is remarkable. The more we can use AI in our industry is key to knowing more about the “invisible period” of leasing. With renters spending on average 22.6 days shopping before they even pick up the phone; it is more important now than ever to market smart and follow up quickly and AI is helping us do that.”

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