Apartment Trends to Watch in 2023

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Jan 30, 2023
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Apartment Trends to Watch in 2023

The new year brings new interior design trends to watch out for in 2023, and Asset Living has you covered to help inspire or update the look of your apartment. From extending the lifespan of some familiar looks of 2022 to making what was once old or antique feel new or modern again – we’ve recapped it all. Check out these five interior design trends to help inspire your apartment’s look for this year.

Transparent Touches

According to Pinterest, the transparent trend has transcended from fashion to the interior design world. From alabaster lighting to glass brick, and all the transparent objects in between – incorporating this look will give your apartment a modern look. Try incorporating an acrylic side table or set of chairs to achieve this look in your living or dining room space.  

Home Office Rejuvenation

Whether you work or study from home or prefer the office or library, the concept of the “home office” has been labeled as a trend that’s “here to stay” when it comes to designing your space. Designers suggest looking for spare corners in a bedroom or an alcove in a living room to create a “flex space” that could double as a workspace.  

Perfect Imperfections

Raw yet refined quality is what the future of décor holds – and when it comes to 2023 decor trends, organic, handmade, and local are proving to be the most popular. What this means for aesthetics are more unique and inimitable pieces. Exquisite craft and vision will set décor and furniture apart as covetable and trendy. Try searching Etsy for local artists and crafters who could create something personal for your space to make it feel more unique to you.  

Art Deco Encore

Revisiting beloved styles from the past is proving to be an interior design favorite for 2023. From the absoluteness of minimalism, designers are seeing a renewed interest in more decorative styles, like Art Deco. That said, hyper-maximalism might not be on the cards yet – but ornate details are on the rise. We can expect Art Deco’s brighter colors, geometric patterns, and symmetry to take over the interior design styles and looks for this year.  

Colorful Accents

According to experts, the color green will be everywhere because “it is nearly neutral.” From area rugs to leafy-hued furniture, green is gaining popularity in both deep moody hues to more perennial favorites with emerald earning the top color spot amongst surveyed designers for the third year in a row (and sage was the runner-up). Creating plant-filled spaces or pulling in a colorful shade of choice with accent pillows will help to give any room a pop of color.  

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