At-Home Apartment Date Night Ideas

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Sep 21, 2022
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At-Home Apartment Date Night Ideas

On the hunt for stay-at-home date night ideas that won't break the bank? The average date costs roughly between $100 to $116, which (depending on where you choose to dine) could equate to two dinners, a bottle of wine, and movie tickets—ouch! Don't worry, it is possible to have a date night at home for nearly half the cost—and Asset Living has you covered. We compiled a list of five budget-friendly ideas for stay-at-home date nights (and we promise these are better than a Netflix marathon).


Start with purchasing a few affordable canvases, paints, and brushes. With a simple Google or YouTube search, painting tutorials can be pulled up in the comfort of your apartment to help create your very own art class!


You know the saying “when in Rome.” Well “When In The kitchen” brings a whole new meaning to cooking for date night! Making a meal together is one of the most fun and romantic at-home date night activities. Grab an old cookbook, turn on your favorite cooking show, or pick a recipe on Pinterest. For food inspiration, try making homemade pasta or your own pizza from scratch!


When was the last time you danced around your living room? You don’t have to get dressed up or go out on the town to find somewhere to dance. Simply turn up the music, push back the furniture, put on your favorite pajamas, and dance the night away!


A fondue party is one of the most delicious at-home date night dinners. For those who may be unfamiliar with fondue, this type of cooking is when the heat source is placed directly below the pot to melt the food into a broth or dip. An inexpensive fondue pot is available on Amazon for around $30, so grab your cheese or chocolate and get dipping! Tip: When serving cheese fondue, try dipping bread, mini meatballs, or vegetables. When serving chocolate fondue, try dipping marshmallows, fruit, or cubed Rice Krispies Treats.


Not in the mood for an all-out camping trip? A living room campout might be the perfect solution. Start by clearing any furniture to make a pillow fort, an indoor tent, or even pull out an air mattress. You're never too old to make your own fort or to camp out in the living room – so enjoy staying up late telling stories, eating snacks, and playing games.
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