Asset Living’s Carli Thompson Named 2022 Ambassador of the Year

Asset Living
Jan 11, 2023
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Asset Living’s Carli Thompson Named 2022 Ambassador of the Year

Asset Living named Junior Accountant Carli Thompson the 2022 Asset Ambassador of the Year. This is one of the most prestigious internal awards given to an Asset Ambassador who not only lives by our mission, vision, and values but leads by example and is a role model for the entire Asset Ambassador class. We asked team members who work closely with Carli to share insights and their personal experiences on what makes Carli a strong asset.  

Ivy Facio, Director of Corporate Marketing

“Carli has consistently volunteered, offered new ideas, and interacted with the entire Asset Ambassador team. She did an amazing job of showcasing our four core values. Carli represents the value of ‘drive’ in my eyes. Not only is Carli a full-time student, but she comes into the office every day with a positive attitude and willingness to help anyone who needs it, even if it is outside of her job duties. Carli is driven to be the best version of herself and help Asset Living achieve high standards for our clients. I love getting to work with Carli, and I am so happy that she is receiving this award.”

Kate Novick, Corporate Controller

“Carli is genuine, caring, remarkably hardworking, and responsible. We love having her on our team!”

Valerie Hubbard, Corporate Controller

“If you were to describe sunshine, you would describe Carli. She lights up a room and lifts the spirits of those around her. In 2022, she went to school and worked full-time, while planning a wedding! She is a hard worker and always willing to help anyone, anytime. It’s been a true pleasure getting to know her and having her as a team member.”

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