Asset Living’s Chanele Richardson Joins Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado

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Sep 1, 2022
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Asset Living’s Chanele Richardson Joins Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado

Asset Living Area Vice President of multi-family operations, Chanele Richardson, joined as a member of the 2022 Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado (ULFC). The ULFC non-profit is one of the state’s most recognized and accomplished leadership organizations within the Denver metro area.  It has a rich history of not only providing quality leadership training but also facilitating the advancement of future business, political, and community leaders. ULFC’s flagship program, ULF Connect Leadership, is a 10-month, 22+ class leadership training program.  The leadership training program not only equips individuals with the tools necessary to become more effective leaders but also inspires them to lead. Earlier this month, ULF Connect Leadership Program member, Chanele Richardson, was featured in a spotlight interview with the 2022 ULFC cohort where she shared her background on her role at Asset Living, why she decided to join the ULFC, and other career insights.

What is your current title and primary job function at Asset Living?

“I am currently an Area Vice President for Asset Living. In that role, I oversee 9 properties and approximately 1500 units. I have been in the property management field for 22 years. I started as a leasing consultant and worked my way up the corporate ladder. I am now a part of the executive leadership team for my company. I have a mix of market, value add, lease-up and affordable housing experience. Being a young single teen mom myself at one-point, affordable housing has always been my passion.

I pride myself in making sure that the affordable properties I manage are of the same quality as all of the market communities in our portfolio. I work hard to ensure we are breaking down the stereotypes associated with affordable housing, one community at a time!”

What’s a fun fact about you?

“I sang all through high school, that was my outlet as a child. I grew to be shy about it but used to sing in choirs and solos on a regular basis. I am also a proud Gi-Gi of a super fun, smart, and spunky 2-year-old granddaughter who keeps me YOUNG!”

What attracted you to the Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado?

“I was attracted to ULFC because I watched several of my friends go through the program and come out better because of it. Some of them gained knowledge, some had businesses blossom, and some grew personally but each of them gained something that was invaluable and positively changed their lives forever. I have been successful in my individual field but have always felt like I was missing a tribe, a professional tribe of people who looked like me and I felt in my heart this was the place to start finding that.”

What is your greatest takeaway from the ULF Connect Program so far?

“My greatest takeaway thus far is that by working and putting our resources together with a team of leaders, we can make big changes in the world. I have learned that I have a larger responsibility to my community than just voting. Politics are for all of us, and we must be vested in the process and get involved. I have learned about ways that I can get involved and how important it is to get involved on the local level where we will see the change in our everyday lives.”

How will the ULF Connect Program help you to be more successful in your career at Asset Living?

“The ULF Connect Leadership program will help me be more successful in my career at Asset Living by teaching me higher-level leadership skills that I will implement daily in my role.  The program has given me community connections, both political and beyond, that can help me navigate many of the issues our properties face. The program has provided me with knowledge and ideas on equity and inclusion that I know will make us all better.  And lastly, the ULF Leadership program gives me a network of untapped leaders and potential team members who now have a face and a connection to property management and Asset Living, and I can’t wait for some of them to come and join our AMAZING family!”

Lastly, which of Asset Living’s four core value(s) – drive, honesty, impact and family – resonates most with you personally and/or professionally?

“That is a hard one because all of Asset Living’s core values align directly with mine and it is hard to choose.  But if I had to choose one, I would go with family! Family is everything to me.  My family at home and how I show up for them is what drives me to be the best both at home and at work! My family at home and my work family is my motivation to keep going, push harder for success, and never, ever give up!”

For more details about ULFC, visit their website at For any questions regarding our properties or services, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact form. To learn more about available career opportunities by visiting Asset Living’s careers page.

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