Asset Living’s Chassie Gremore Shares Advice on #BecomingAnAsset

Asset Living
Sep 20, 2023
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Asset Living’s Chassie Gremore Shares Advice on #BecomingAnAsset

Understanding how to build a successful team starts with learning from those who have worked hard to develop and shape their career to become an integral part of the team. In the #BecomingAnAsset series, we ask Asset Living employees to share advice for those looking to grow personally and professionally – from turning challenges into opportunities for career development to persevering towards a promotion – our team members are full of quality advice that can help to guide anyone towards success. Today we are hearing from Chassie Gremore, Community Manager.

What is your background and experience in and what do you do within Asset Living?

“I started my property management career back in 2018 in Richmond, Virginia. I had just moved to the area and was having a difficult time trying to figure out what I was going to do with my professional career. I took a temp job as a leasing consultant at a multi-family high-rise and immediately fell in love with the industry, with my sights set on moving up. Fast forward three years, I relocated back home to Tennessee and started with Asset Living at a small student housing property as a Leasing Manager. I was so nervous because I had only ever done multi-family leasing, so the change in pace intimidated me. However, I was quickly greeted with more support than one could ever imagine during my adjustment period. I jumped in headfirst because of the amount of support within the portfolio, from RLTDs to other Leasing Managers! Within six months, I knew I was ready to take on the next challenge and take over as the Community Manager. I have received nothing but encouragement and support from those within the company. My Regional Vice President Brandi has been my driving force and the definition of ‘world’s best boss’! Within my first year as a Community Manager, I was given the freedom to create the environment and community that I have always envisioned being a part of. Our community leased up 67% ahead of the previous year’s leasing season, with a 54% renewal rate! We have residents who come in and have breakfast with us before they go to class and want to hang out in the leasing office because of how welcoming our environment is here. Every day, I push myself and my property to break barriers and set new goals!”

What piece of advice would you give to a new employee who is #BecomingAnAsset?

“Utilize your resources and be open to development! There are so many different avenues that you can take to get to where and what you’re looking for. Asset is phenomenal for its depth of teamwork. If you reach out to someone for an answer or assistance and they don’t know, they’ll help you find someone who does. Finally, ask for help; be open to making mistakes and learning.”

What drives you to be the best team member possible?

“I live by these words daily as a manager and a team member: “Be the person that you needed when you were in that phase of life.” Be open to being human, being yourself, and being the light that is needed in this world. My staff and residents are my driving force, and I learn something new from them every day. I’m so fortunate to be surrounded by so many incredible people who make work so enjoyable and those simple words easy to live by.”

What is your favorite memory from this year or within your career at Asset Living?

“Our portfolio conference this past June! I was able to meet and hug all the other Community Managers and people on the other side of the Teams' calls and emails! Being so welcomed and comfortable around so many like-minded individuals was unlike anything I’ve ever had the opportunity to experience.”

Lastly, what do you like to do outside of work in your free time?  

“I am a spooky girl through and through! Every day is Halloween in my book... So, it's daily TJ Maxx / Home Goods runs for home décor. However, If I'm at home, I'm either reading, watching a true crime documentary with my four fur babies, or replanting one of my houseplants. In the fall, my husband and I spend all our time in Knoxville at TN football home games (the original UT! 😉), and during baseball season, it's all Cubbies baseball.”

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