Asset Living's Commitment to Covenant House

Asset Living
Oct 26, 2023
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Asset Living's Commitment to Covenant House

At Asset Living, we firmly believe in the power of making a positive impact in our communities. Our core value of impact isn't just a buzzword; it's a driving force behind our actions. In 2022, we had the privilege of participating in Covenant House’s annual Sleep Out, an experience that left a lasting impression on our team. Sleep Out is a night dedicated to sleeping outside with only a sleeping bag to show solidarity and raise awareness and funds for the more than 2,500 young individuals who come to Covenant House Texas each year seeking safe shelter, nourishing food, clean clothing, and essential services like job training, education, healthcare, mental health counseling, and legal aid. We consulted with David Walther, Chief Revenue Officer, who shared his reflections and personal experience after being a part of last year’s Sleep Out team.

What does this partnership with Covenant House mean to you?

"This partnership with Covenant House means a great deal to me personally and to Asset Living as a whole. Our day-to-day revolves around housing for our residents. Covenant House expands that focus to young people whose needs our properties can’t meet. It's a very tangible way to live our core value of impact. Most of the impact on our community is from small day-to-day interactions. The partnership with Covenant House is immediate and enormous for the young people staying there."

How would you describe your 2022 Sleep Out experience?

"The 2022 Sleep Out was my first time experiencing the event. We were fortunate to have mild weather and a safe sidewalk for sleeping. Of course, sleeping is a minor part of the event. Seeing the Covenant House community participating together is really powerful. It’s great to participate in the community outreach and see so many people working towards a common goal."

What was your main takeaway from Sleep Out 2022?

"The young men and women at Covenant House provide us with an unforgettable reminder, humanizing the challenges we know exist. Their resilience and determination inspire us to take action."

How did this change your perspective?

"Participating in Sleep Out was a great reminder to stay connected to the broader community. It's too easy to focus on our own day-to-day challenges and forget how much of a positive impact we all can make on our community."

What would you say to someone thinking about participating in 2023?

"You won't regret it. Sleep Out is an immediate and enormous opportunity to connect to your community. It's a chance to experience firsthand the resilience and strength of the young men and women at Covenant House and to stand in solidarity with them. The connections you'll make with the Covenant House community will be long-lasting, and the impact you can create through this experience is immeasurable. I encourage everyone to consider joining us in Sleep Out 2023 and helping to support these incredible young individuals that turn to Covenant House for support."  

Together, we can make a meaningful difference and put our core value of impact into action. Asset Living plans to participate in the 12th annual Covenant House Sleep Out this November. To learn more about the event or Covenant House, visit their website at Read more about Asset Living’s partnership with Covenant House on our blog and to learn about the impact Asset Living is having on local communities across the nation, visit our impact page. To donate to Team Asset’s Sleep Out visit our team page.  

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