Asset Living’s Community Manager Dillon Bishop, Office Love List in Fayetteville, Arkansas

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Mar 4, 2024
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Asset Living’s Community Manager Dillon Bishop, Office Love List in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Discover the charm beyond our office walls! Our Office Love List is your guide to the many neighborhood and community perks that make working at Asset Living a delight. In this edition, we're looking into the local gems that add flavor to our workplace within the Fayetteville, Arkansas, market. Today, we will be hearing from Asset Ambassador and Community Manager Dillon Bishop, who works at Asset Living’s Aspen Heights Fayetteville.  

“Overall, I love working in Fayetteville, Arkansas, because of the city's nature and the steady progression the area has shown since I've been here. The location is perfect for young professionals who enjoy exploring the outdoors and all that Arkansas has to offer. As for me, I'm an avid hiker, so this place is heaven. I can enjoy where I live and have an exciting and fulfilling career at Asset Living,” says Dillon.

Local Spotlight:  

One of the best local spots is Doom's Day Coffee Shop. My go-to order in the morning is the Extinguisher, which is a cold brew with two espresso shots. Another local spot I enjoy is Hugo's, which is one of the oldest and best burger shops in Fayetteville. If you go a little outside of the city you will find one of the main attractions in Arkansas and one of my favorite spots, Devil's Den State Park. Filled with numerous trails and scenic cliffs, it is one of the main stopping points while visiting Fayetteville.  

Team Favorites:  

Our team loves to gather at our pool in Aspen Heights. It has become a small tradition to host a large BBQ every summer for our team to celebrate the end of our turn season. It is great to celebrate the start of the new year with my team and have a fun day to reset before the new tenants begin to move in.  

Favorite Lunchtime Spot:  

As a team, our favorite lunch spot is a small local restaurant called Mexican Viejo, located next to our apartment community. This spot is one of the team's favorites due to our history of going to this restaurant during turn season. There is nothing better than tacos with the team after a long summer day!

Team Bonding Adventures:  

At Aspen Heights, we began a tradition of hiking all over Arkansas. Recently, I took our team to another beautiful hiking destination known as Devil's Canyon. Devil's Canyon is a remote outback that shares the untouched beauty of Arkansas with the addition of two massive waterfalls.  I eagerly anticipate exploring additional hiking destinations across the state and am excited to organize more team trips in the future

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