Asset Living’s Lease-Up Specialist, Cristina Gregory’s Office Love List in Athens, Georgia

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Feb 12, 2024
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Asset Living’s Lease-Up Specialist, Cristina Gregory’s Office Love List in Athens, Georgia

Discover the charm beyond our office walls! The Office Love List is your guide to the many neighborhood and community perks that make working at Asset Living a delight. In this edition, we're looking into the local gems that add flavor to our workplace within the Athens area. Today, we will be hearing from Asset Ambassador and Lease-Up Specialist Cristina Gregory, who works on one of Asset Living’s New Development Projects, Rambler Athens in Athens, Georgia.  

Working as a Lease-Up Specialist, Cristina has had an opportunity to try out different cities and markets every year. This past year, Cristina was assigned to the Athens area. So, with the location in mind, her mission was to discover everything she could about the market, location, and, in turn, she found several local treasures.  

Local Spotlight:  

Sure, Athens is known for its football (GO DAWGS) and having the most bars per square capita with 80 plus bars in a single square mile radius, but Athens holds more than that. After spending the past nine months here, I've discovered that there is something for everyone to enjoy here. During the summer, there are countless trails and nature preserves to take you outside and see nature like you haven’t before! Areas like the Sandy Creek Nature Center work to preserve the species of trees, animals, and natural beauty of Athens. The Athens Farmers Market runs deep. You’ll have your first pick of local produce, art, and performances from local artists, with a Wednesday session during the summer and a larger Saturday session year-round! Sandy Creek Park has a nine-mile hiking loop, a man-made beach, and rentable paddle boats. The UGA State Botanical Gardens are definitely worth a visit. You can spend hours lost in the gardens and on their countless connected trails. They throw music events, paint classes, and more; everything can be found on their calendar. For all you coffee lovers, you can find the best coffee in Athens at Birdies, along with charcuterie board fixings. Lastly, I have found that the hype around the Georgia Theatre is spot on. The event curators have a knack for finding talent, and every musician I have seen play (small or large) has proven well to Athens’s “talent-finder” track record.  

Team Favorites:

I have been blessed with an office that honors coworking and comfortability; my team's favorite spot changes between three places. The first is what we call "The Corner." Surrounded by light and large chairs that hug you as soon as you sit, the corners are one of the best spaces in our office to get some work done. The second spot is the "Closing Table." Since the team enjoys working closely with each other, the closing table is the best space to fit everyone. The third would have to be our coffee cart, Daydreamer. Since our coffee is a craft, the team loves coming and ordering coffee from our amazing barista and starting the day with small chatter.

Favorite Lunchtime Spot:  

When hunger strikes, Athens does not disappoint among their various food options. Depending on the day, my favorite lunchtime spot oscillates between two restaurants, Arden Garden and Mellow Mushroom. Arden’s Garden is an amazing refreshing smoothie shop, while Mellow Mushroom is another favorite that offers oven-baked pizza and has one of the best doughs I have tried.

Team Bonding Adventures:  

The heart of Athens doesn’t solely lie in its abundance of attractions but in the memories created by those who surround you, and in my case, those are my coworkers. A statistic claims that we spend about one-third of our time with our coworkers. That stat never escapes my mind; this means we want to like who we work with, right?  

One standout memory among many would be our holiday staff dinner/party. It wasn't about grand gestures or extravagant plans; rather, it was the simplicity of sharing laughter, playing games, and relishing delicious food together that made the evening unforgettable. Moments like these remind me of the camaraderie and warmth that define our team.  

As I reflect on my journey as a Lease-Up Specialist, Athens, Georgia, stands out as a gem among the cities I've had the privilege to explore. It's a city that celebrates art, food, and adventure, and I'm grateful for the experiences it has given me. Here’s to Athens, and here’s to your visit to this secret garden.  

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