Asset Living’s Marissa Steffen Shares Advice on #BecomingAnAsset

Asset Living
Mar 15, 2023
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Asset Living’s Marissa Steffen Shares Advice on #BecomingAnAsset

Understanding how to build a successful team starts with learning from those who have worked hard to develop and shape their career to become an integral part of the team. In the #BecomingAnAsset series, we ask Asset Living employees to share advice for those looking to grow personally and professionally – from turning challenges into opportunities for career development to persevering towards a promotion – our team members are full of quality advice that can help to guide anyone towards success. Today we are hearing from Asset Living’s Training Manager Marissa Steffen.

What is your background and experience in and what do you do within Asset Living?

"I started my career in property management through the hotel industry. For 15 years, I worked for various hotels in Dallas and Kansas City, climbing my way to overseeing multiple hotels. I truly developed a passion for people and training in the hospitality industry and started creating innovative, efficient, and engaging training programs. When I had the opportunity to join the Asset Living Family, I was so scared to leave the career I had been building for so long. But I decided to take the leap. I remember my first day at Asset; I had never experienced a support system quite like the one we have in place here. Being a Community Manager at a luxury high-rise in downtown Kansas City was a dream. And the skillset I had developed over the years in hospitality transferred perfectly into the apartment industry. Once my property sold, I knew I wanted to continue to build on the greatness and help Asset develop the best training department in the industry. When I was offered the Training Manager role, there was zero doubt that my answer was YES! Now I get to create training content and develop our teams to be the best in the business! People are my passion, and I love seeing those “Ah-ha!” moments happen daily!"

What piece of advice would you give to a new employee who is #BecomingAnAsset?

"As a new employee, you should absorb all the information and continue asking questions! This business is ever-changing. Reach out to mentors or colleagues within Asset to assist you! You are a part of the Asset Family; no matter your title, we are here to help!"

What drives you to be the best team member possible?

"The people here at Asset are truly what drives me to be the best team member possible. I am inspired and in awe of our talent here! I am honored to work with these talented individuals every day and continue to help develop new leaders for years to come."

What is your favorite memory from this year or within your career at Asset Living?

"My favorite memory from this past year at Asset was celebrating the two-year birthday of my previous onsite property. It was themed as a cocktail attire affair, and the residents got really into it! We had a karaoke machine and delicious food from a personal chef. It was our last big event before that property sold with a team that worked hard to get it to flourish. It is one that I will remember forever!"

What advice would you give other women who are looking to pursue opportunities in property management?

"Property Management is one of the most ever-evolving industries, so opportunities will always exist. My first piece of advice is to APPLY! In my experience, I have seen other women not apply for specific roles because they may feel they are not 100% qualified. You could be very qualified for the position. Never sell yourself short. My second piece of advice would be to communicate. Communicate how you would like your career to advance and how you can get there. Advocate for yourself and speak up! The last piece of advice is to build your network and put yourself out there. Try attending events that will help you be more innovative and efficient in your role. The latest and greatest tools for success are out there. You have to put yourself out there to see them!"

Lastly, what do you like to do outside of work in your free time?

"My husband and I are avid volleyball players. We play sand volleyball and coach two teams, a 7th/8th-grade semi-competitive and a 7th/8th-grade competitive team. I also have two handsome but very lazy English bulldogs that we enjoy taking to the dog park or walking around our neighborhood."

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