Asset Living’s Student Housing New Development Team: Breaking Undeniable Barriers

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Nov 15, 2023
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Asset Living’s Student Housing New Development Team: Breaking Undeniable Barriers

Asset Living's Student Housing New Development team is paving the way with their remarkable achievements and innovative strategies. In the 2022-2023 season, the New Development team had an exceptional year pivotal in the company’s success. Director, New Development Marketing, Jessica Mancuso goes into depth about the factors that are driving the New Development team’s success.  

Collaboration and Client Support:

Within the Student Housing New Development team there is not only close collaboration with clients but with one another to ensure overall success. The team works hand in hand with clients to execute marketing campaigns, incentive plans, and rent growth for each project. They have one overarching goal which is reaching 100% pre-leased in occupancy all while setting up the first stabilized year to be successful.

Key Challenges in the Current Real Estate Market:

In the ever-evolving real estate market, the new development team faces a set of unique challenges. One of their main focuses is the deliveries of each building. Factors like supply chain disruptions, contractor/sub-contractor issues, and unpredictable weather can lead to construction delays for future residents. The New Development team places an emphasis on understanding the residents' needs in depth market research to grasp the unique nuances of each market to meet individual challenges head on.

Future Initiatives and Strategies:

The teams’ latest initiatives involve collaborating with operational counterparts to facilitate smoother transitions, strategizing to ensure that future construction delays run smoothly, and much more! As a whole, they have advanced new strategies that will be implemented in the upcoming 2023-2024 leasing season.

What Sets Asset Living Apart:

Asset Living's Student Housing New Development team stands out in the industry due to their experience in the niche of student housing new developments. Since implementing the New Development department over 13 years ago there has been an average of 96% prelease year over year, that has positioned them as leaders in this student housing sector. Their approach to driving new initiatives, redefining marketing strategies, and attracting and retaining top talent within their department has contributed significantly to the company's student housing success.

With an astonishing year, Asset Living’s Student Housing New Development team's achievements in the 2022-2023 season have not only broken records but have also demonstrated their commitment to excellence and innovation. As they continue to adapt to the challenges of the real estate market, their focus on client collaboration, seamless operations, and new strategies promises a bright future for the team and the company in 2024

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