Career Insights from Asset Living’s Senior Vice President, Student Operations Tony Bufka

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Apr 3, 2023
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Career Insights from Asset Living’s Senior Vice President, Student Operations Tony Bufka

Asset Living’s Tony Bufka is responsible for overseeing and leading a portfolio of Asset Living’s expansive campus housing team in performance and operations. He has worked in property management for over 26 years, gaining experience in on-campus housing, university relationships, new development, value-add rehabs, and acquisitions. Tony’s goals include developing strong teams and implementing the best practices to increase occupancy and NOI for our clients.

Tell us what have the highlights been in your career?

“The highlight of my career has been the staff development; nothing has made me prouder than training and mentoring my team members and seeing them ascend to new positions. From Community Assistants that have become Community Managers to Community Managers becoming Regionals and Vice Presidents within Asset Living and other firms, Asset’s competitive advantage has always been our team members.”

I’m sure you have a favorite project you’ve worked on – tell us about some of your greatest work memories or what has been the most rewarding part of your career?

The Property Knights Circle has always been on the top of my list. I joined Asset Living because of the challenge that property presented in 2011. Over a decade later this property remains an example of how a strong team along with a well thought out gameplan can lead to success.”

What has been some of the best career advice or lessons learned throughout your career?

Always have a gameplan. Regardless of your position or challenges, you must have a plan. Identify the problem, develop a plan (receive everyone’s input), train on the solution, and execute. Every step is critical to success. Also, do not let geography get in the way, sometimes you must move out of your comfort zone and take a risk.”

Lastly, which of our four-core value(s) at Asset Living – drive, honesty, impact, and family – resonates most with you personally and/or professionally?

“All four principles are key in my work and personal life. Drive always stands out to me. You need to have a passion for your work life, or you are not doing what you are meant to be doing!”

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