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April 20, 2023

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At Asset Living, every idea is valued, every person has potential, and every win is worth celebrating. We want to highlight the stories, initiatives, and backgrounds of our team members who make Asset Living the most trusted partner in real estate. Today we are highlighting Asset Living’s Director of Implementation & Software Support Anita Rodriguez.

At our Dallas West branch, nestled within the multi-family division, resides the vibrant and dedicated Anita. Her colleagues consistently extol her for being an embodiment of warmth and positivity, attributes that emanate throughout the office. As an exceptional role model, Anita's infectious enthusiasm has a profound influence on those around her, exemplifying the true essence of a collaborative and supportive team player. Her impact is so significant that we decided to delve deeper and gather some testimonials from her fellow coworkers.

Here's what just a few of Anita's colleagues had to say about her:

Hayli Johnson, Vice President, Multi-Family Operations

“Miss Anita is simply amazing- always so willing, gives her all in everything she does and is honestly just the epitome of “support”! You’ll never find her without a smile on her face, her attitude is always positive, and she has a way of radiating sunshine into everyone’s day- no matter what kind of day they’re having. I know she has brightened my day on multiple occasions.”

Lillian Prudden, Controller

“You can’t help but smile when she is around.  She is truly a bright light in this world.”

Sabine Goodrich, Regional Vice President, Multi-Family Operations

“She is a beacon of positive energy and light. Absolutely one of a kind.”

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