How Executive Vice President, Rulissa Trout, Defines Honesty

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Oct 19, 2021
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How Executive Vice President, Rulissa Trout, Defines Honesty

What makes an honest employee? It starts at the hiring level. Executive Vice President, Rulissa Trout, recruits for Asset Living nationwide and describes how honesty is an essential trait she looks for in the employee hiring process.  

“The bar is set high from the very beginning. Every potential candidate myself or the team interviews is different,” says Trout. “Each person brings different experiences and talents, but honesty is a quality that comes to life in candid conversations, anecdotes and everyday circumstances.”

From the very beginning, Asset Living employees live by the core value of honesty. Being transparent, setting realistic goals, working without bias and telling the truth – even when it’s not easy – are some of the ways employees exemplify our core value of honesty. With more than four thousand employees spanning more than 40 states nationwide, there’s an understanding to uphold the value of honesty no matter what at Asset Living.  

“As Asset employees, we’re trusted to do the right thing for our clients, our residents and each other. Never do I feel discouraged to raise my hand and ask a question – and never is there a shortage of people ready to jump in to help at any given moment,” says Trout. “That’s what makes me proud to be on this team and a part of this company.”

Talent at Asset Living comes from a variety of diverse backgrounds and all employees bring forth unique ideas. Honesty bonds all Asset employees together, and while it’s a trait that the company looks for within potential new employees, it’s has also become a true part of the company’s culture.  

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