How Support from Asset Living Helped Accountant Suravi Ahsan Pursue Higher Education

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Oct 14, 2022
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How Support from Asset Living Helped Accountant Suravi Ahsan Pursue Higher Education

Going back to school while working full-time is a commitment – not only financially but it requires superior time management skills. The opportunity to pursue a degree while working is a decision that Asset Living’s Corporate Staff Accountant, Suravi Ahsan, had to make years ago. After gaining real-world work experience in her role, she knew obtaining a higher education degree would be the right next step in her career. With the support of her teams at Asset Living, Suravi was able to successfully juggle work by day and school by night in order to obtain her MBA. In this blog, Suravi shares her story and a few insights learned along the way to inspire others who may be looking to advance their career.

What inspired you to pursue higher education?

“I have had lofty expectations for my career since I was a child. My parents are the reason for my success since they instilled in me the drive to pursue a meaningful career. My American ambition was to develop a great career, own a home, and earn a good living, which required a solid academic qualification in the United States. I discovered my hidden talents and abilities after completing my bachelor's degree in accounting from UT Dallas in 2019. I believe anyone can do anything if they are determined to work for their goals and are ready to put their heart and soul into it. My driving force was the obligation I felt to make all my sacrifices worthwhile.”

How has your current role contributed to your academic success?

“First, I managed to lessen the financial burden of obtaining a higher education degree by working full-time. In addition, my team had established a friendly work environment and was supportive of my career goal and pursuit of an MBA degree. This helped me to focus my concentration and efforts on studying at night after a full day at work. Also, when I enrolled in my academic courses, my team at Asset Living helped me understand and gain practical knowledge and develop new skills.”

Any advice for others planning to work full-time and attend school?

“It can be challenging to balance a full-time job, a full school load, and for some, taking care of family responsibilities. This may be especially true for people who owe a lot on student loans, and I was one of them. By continuing to work full-time, you can increase your chances of being able to pursue a dream career that gives you more than a simple paycheck. Most importantly, working full-time allows us to acquire and improve real-world skills, especially if we do so in a job linked to our field of study.”

What are you most excited about in 2023?

“I hope to advance professionally in 2023. I want to be in a position where I have taken on more responsibility as that will be a reflection that I've grown in my profession, developed new capabilities, and proven my ability to succeed.”

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