Insights from the 10th Annual Multifamily Social Media Summit

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Apr 20, 2022
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Insights from the 10th Annual Multifamily Social Media Summit

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Multifamily Social Media Summit, an annual conference hosted in Napa, CA. A team of our Asset Living marketing experts attended the conference, heard from others in the industry who shared insights and upcoming trends for the year, and made memorable connections. As the only conference specifically focused on social media in the multifamily industry, our team joined this educational conference and heard about a wide array of topics from integrating business and digital trends that focus on leveraging social media and content marketing to retaining and attracting residents. Here are some key takeaways from the summit.

Find your special factor.

Asset Living’s Director of New Development Marketing, Jessica M., shares her takeaway from Rachel Bozsik, who specializes in coaching companies and individuals within the industry on how to create a successful brand strategy.

“Rachel Bozsik mentioned when launching a brand, find what makes your brand unique and standout. Look for the special factor and uncover the hidden gem that allows your brand to not be lost in the crowd. Stop repeating all key phrases. If you are repeating and feel like you are being redundant, it's just enough. Great takeaways overall from this year's Multifamily Social Media Summit."

Add constraints to spark creativity, inspires action and build better marketing.

Asset Living’s Vice President of Marketing, Emily Nelson, shares her key takeaway from Andrew Davis. He returns to the 2022 Multi-family Social Media Summit to talk about embracing the constraints.

The discussion on constraints breeding creativity, by Andrew Davis, was highly inspiring for me. Andrew outlined the “Cube of Creativity” and how to apply four main constraints:

  1. Eliminate the unnecessary: Ask yourself what you should stop doing in order to explore a new initiative.
  1. Define the outcome: What SINGLE result defines success?
  1. Limit the options: Apply additional limitations to the project and add a time limit and creative limit as a baseline.
  1. Raise the stakes: What happens if you aren’t successful?

By adding constraints to short-term problems, you can shift away from unnecessary work and focus on simplifying processes and producing key solutions.”

From making new connections to learning the ins and out of the social media realm, this year’s summit was a success, and the team is already looking forward to next year’s conference. If you missed this year's 2022 Multifamily Social Media Summit, visit their website to learn more about how you can attend next year.

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