Key Insights from LeaseCon/TurnCon 2021

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Dec 28, 2021
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Key Insights from LeaseCon/TurnCon 2021

InterFace Conference Group (a division of France Media) held its third annual event for the student housing industry, LeaseCon/TurnCon 2021, on December 15 in Dallas. Several Asset Living industry experts attended to network and gather insights that will help student housing operators navigate the challenges of leasing and the turn process in 2022.  

The four female leaders within Asset Living’s student housing division represented the team onsite and each shared discussion topics, insights, and key takeaways from their experience below.  

Emily Nelson, Vice President of Marketing- Student Housing

“LeasCon/TurnCon was full of insightful panel discussions from student housing industry leaders on trending topics within the space. This included conversations around:  

  • The future of leasing and what marketing trends to consider for next year. Discussions covered leasing student housing in an urban/metro market and how to compete against conventional market rate inventory in a transient student environment.  
  • Additionally, the concept of purpose build student housing, hybrid, and multifamily buildings were defined. Panel discussions covered how to market these builds differently, the variations one might see in budgets, amenity offerings and programming, as well as how to get creative with leasing on units that are slow selling.”

Stacey Lecocke, EVP of Student Operations

“At LeaseCon/TurnCon, panel topics focused on how to discuss rental rates with owners/ asset managers to drive revenue management. Some key highlights are listed below:

  • It is important to know your client’s goals with their investment. As a third-party provider at Asset, we have clients who have different hold and exit strategies. If a client is a short-term hold or a merchant builder, they will typically want to push higher rents, if it is a longer-term hold, it might be steady occupancy with stable rent growth.  
  • The dialogue should be guided by fact-based metrics such as: enrollment trends; supply/demand studies that include a shadow market analysis; competitive set recap; and the strategy behind the proposed rates.  Removing emotion from the conversation is fundamental because without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

Julie Bonnin, Principal-Student Housing Operations

“LeaseCon/TurnCon emphasized the importance of focusing on technology and why investing in the space is important to the future of the student housing market. To stay creative and relevant it is crucial to reach the Gen Z demographic through strategic social campaigns and digital marketing efforts.”

Jessica Mancuso, Director of New Development Marketing- Student Housing

“While the climate of leasing could look different within the next 12 to 24 months, the goal to get ‘heads in beds’ always remains this same year after year. LeaseCon/TurnCon, served as a platform for leaders within Asset Living as well as others in the student housing industry to discuss different strategies and approaches to implement and make 2022 the most successful year yet.”

For more information on the Lease Con/ Turn Con Conference, visit their website to read about the event. Visit Asset Living’s service page for more information or contact us to reach the Asset Living team directly.  

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