Making an Impact: Reflections from the Covenant House Sleep Out Experience

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Sep 20, 2022
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Making an Impact: Reflections from the Covenant House Sleep Out Experience

At Asset Living, we’re dedicated to doing good while doing well, and constantly looking for ways to serve our communities. Every year our official impact partner Covenant House hosts Sleep Out, an international movement and challenge to sleep outside in solidarity for one night to help raise donations and awareness around the homeless youth population in the U.S. Among the participants was Asset Living Vice President of Planning & Execution, Stephanie Herrera.

“To be completely honest, it was not what I expected at all!” says Herrera. “Going into the night, ‘sleeping out’ sounded like something that was fun, insightful, or just simply something I was doing for a good cause and to raise awareness – little did I know how impactful it would be. I went into the experience with an open mind and open heart and was truly taken aback at what an eye-opening experience it was.”

How would you describe your 2021 Sleep Out experience?

“I slept out near one of the most high-traffic traffic areas in downtown Houston for homelessness. I luckily had a blanket, a backpack for a pillow, and multiple layers of clothing for warmth – items that aren’t always easily accessible to the homeless community,” said Herrera. “I tried to sleep through the night but was constantly woken up by how loud my surrounding area was. Cars honking, speeding cars, or even others doing small things like coughing or sneezing woke me up instantly. It was truly impactful and especially saddening having to think about how someone could have a good quality night of sleep. It made a difference in how I thought about the homeless community and what they must endure.”

What was your main takeaway from Sleep Out 2021?

“Looking back on last year, I joined the 2021 Sleep Out not realizing how much I would learn and take away from the experience. I was a little naïve going into it, not understanding, or taking the time to notice what someone can go through in a day and night of homelessness,” said Herrera. “I know I am sometimes a procrastinator when it comes to giving back in my own community. Asset Living’s partnership with Covenant House has given me the opportunities that I would not always take advantage of to learn more about my community and an organization that has an incredible mission to help end youth homelessness.”

Covenant House was founded in 1972 and has since grown to become the largest private shelter organization for homeless youth, with 31 locations spanning North and Central America. Located in the Montrose neighborhood, their Texas branch primarily serves Houston and Harris County, the fourth-most populous counties in the United States.  

Asset Living plans to participate in the 11th annual Covenant House Sleep Out this November. To learn more about the event or Covenant House, visit their website at Read more about Asset Living’s partnership with Covenant House on our blog and to learn about the impact Asset Living is having on local communities across the nation, visit our impact page.

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