National Volunteer Week: How Asset Living’s Impact Committee Gives Back

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Apr 19, 2022
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National Volunteer Week: How Asset Living’s Impact Committee Gives Back

Asset Living’s Impact Committee was launched at the beginning of 2022, a team that’s dedicated to doing good while doing well and constantly looking for ways to serve our communities. With it being National Volunteer Week, we wanted to highlight a few of the invaluable contributions of Asset Living’s Impact Committee volunteers.

“Giving back has been something that keeps me energized and helps me grow professionally. After moving to Texas, I looked into finding a new way to give back to the community. I have recently begun teaching kids who are in need how to play volleyball at a local volleyball club. I teach them two nights a week, before I do my professional volleyball training! I get to combine my two passions into one!” said Asset Living Impact Committee member, Ryan C.

Here are some ways Asset Living’s Impact Committee members (and you can) give back to the community.  

  • Jason J. and Callie B. volunteer and foster pets from local animal shelters.  
  • Annie D., Amanda R., Amy B. and Chantele N. attend, volunteer their time and talents to support nonprofits and local charity events.
  • Brent C. and Anna L. work with different organizations to keep the community, neighborhoods, and environment clean.
  • Michael F., Greg K., and Baylee M. have managed food drives, made donations, and volunteered their time to help support local food banks and soup kitchens.
  • Kasie L., Ivy F., Shenyatta J., Devan R., Jo Anne M. have managed drives to collect clothing or other household essentials or volunteered their time and talents to give back to local homeless shelters.
  • Cady D. and Emily N. have visited assisted living communities to spend time with the elderly.
  • Hayli J. supports medical research and initiatives through fundraising and volunteering.
  • Jack G. and Dannette R. coach and leverage their sports skills to raise money for important causes.
  • Kathryn M. volunteers her time and talents to support children/youth shelters.
  • Rebecca A. lends her time and applies her donations towards supporting first responders.

National Volunteer Week is also the perfect moment to bring the people in your network together to do something impactful. Asset Living Impact Committee member, Jennifer H., shares how she works with family and friends to give back to her local Denver community. “My husband and I find joy in assisting our friends and family in any organization they are passionately supporting which has led us down some amazing paths! Personally, my current passion is supporting Foster Families. The strength, flexibility, grace, and compassion that foster families have has been so inspiring to me. Foster Source (a Colorado based non-profit) is an amazing organization that supports families. I recently signed up to help watch kids while their parents (foster and biological) attend training classes. There are so many micro moments you can contribute that make a macro impact!”

We hope these individuals serve as an inspiration for others to get involved or lead a volunteer effort to make an impact (no matter how big or small) in their local community this week. To learn about the impact Asset Living is having on local communities across the nation and how you can get involved, visit the Asset Living Impact page.

For any questions regarding Asset Living’s impact efforts, please visit Asset Living’s impact page or get in touch with someone from the team using the website contact form.  

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