Reflections from the 2022 Covenant House Sleep Out Experience

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Sep 19, 2023
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Reflections from the 2022 Covenant House Sleep Out Experience

Asset Living supports all kinds of efforts to build a brighter future, from families creating better lives to communities and coalitions promoting the greater good. So, when Asset Living decided to partner with Covenant House, a network of shelters that provides safety and support to homeless young youth, it was their shared mission and belief that everyone deserves a place to call home that made the partnership one that Asset Living could identify with and authentically support. Every year, Covenant House hosts Sleep Out, an international movement and challenge to sleep outside for one night out of the year to help raise donations and awareness around the homeless youth population in the U.S. Among the participants during this fundraiser was one of Asset Living’s very own, Ivy Facio.

“When Asset Living announced the partnership with Covenant House, I was thrilled. Last year was my first time attending the Executive Sleep Out, and it was a memorable experience that I am so happy I was able to participate in.”

Experiencing Sleep Out

Ivy Facio was one of Asset Living’s team members who laid down on a cardboard, rolled out a sleeping bag and bundled up in jackets, scarves, and gloves last November. Last year, Team Asset was able to raise over $100,000. All funds raised were applied directly in support of youth homelessness and put towards providing shelter and other essential services to help homeless youth with building an independent future.

“Engaging with the youth during the event truly resonated with me. Having faced housing challenges myself in the past, my empathy for these young adults runs deep, and I find immense comfort in the existence of a vital resource like Covenant House. During this time, I am constantly reminded of the power of compassion and community and how we can provide hope and support to those in need.  

Participating in street outreach alongside the Covenant House team, where we distributed essential items and fresh meals, was a profound privilege. In sum, conversing with and learning from both the youth and the dedicated staff at Covenant House is an unparalleled experience that leaves an indelible mark.

Whether joining a Sleep Out event with Covenant House or spending a night outdoors in your backyard, the experience will grant you renewed gratitude for the roof above your head and the bed you sleep in. I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to become a part of this incredible cause, as it not only raises awareness but also offers an opportunity to make a meaningful difference.” Ivy Facio, Vice President, Corporate Marketing  

Asset Living plans to participate in the 12th annual Covenant House Sleep Out this November. To learn more about the event or Covenant House, visit their website at Read more about Asset Living’s partnership with Covenant House on our blog and to learn about the impact Asset Living is having on local communities across the nation, visit our impact page.

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