What Our Family Value Means at Asset Living

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Aug 26, 2021
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What Our Family Value Means at Asset Living

Asset’s connections run deep – we are more like family than colleagues. Day in and day out, we have each other's back and enjoy each other’s company. This month, we’re dedicated to sharing how our core value of family comes to life at Asset Living. We spoke with a few employees across the nation who’ve seen our family value in action and they shared what these experiences have meant to them and their teams!  

Amber Bigham, VP of Talent Acquisitions

“Asset treats us like it’s extended family and cultivates a culture that allows teams to foster more than just a workday relationship. We are family. The challenge of homeschooling two kiddos during the pandemic was a new normal for me. Words cannot express enough that even during a hectic time, Asset embraced this new work-life balance in a way that made me feel safe, comfortable, supported…much like how a family treats one another. In many ways the FAMILY culture cultivates more than just an external force, it is felt in the heart. With Asset Living’s leadership never once did I feel like our family was going to fail. We are all in this together, and nothing is stronger than a family bond.”

Corey Franklin, Corporate Leasing and Marketing Specialist

“The word family is the perfect word to describe Asset Living. Since starting my career on the new development side in 2016, I have met amazing people who continue to fuel the passion I have for this profession, along with assisting in my overall growth as a leader and human being. No matter if it is prepping for turn, constructing resident events, or simply needing a listening ear, I have family members here at Asset ranging from maintenance techs to community assistants that will put their best foot forward to ensuring Asset continues to excel and grow. I love you all!”

Jordan Blascoe, Leasing Manager

“Before Asset Living, I didn’t know what it was like to have a work family. When I started my part-time Community Assistant (CA) position, I was not only accepted by my onsite team, but I also felt supported by many members of our corporate office. To me, that speaks volumes about the culture at Asset and how new employees are welcomed with open arms. For a Senior Vice President to care enough to stay in contact with me throughout my career, this experience has fueled my desire to continue learning and growing at Asset."

Tiffany Blau, Director of Marketing Multi-family

“Family has been an important core value since 2008 when I started. At my first property I met my mentor, Kyle Nail, who instilled the family core value into the Gateway at Huntsville staff. To this day, I stay connected with one of my coworkers from Gateway at Huntsville – in fact, another coworker from that property team stood by my side at my wedding. I also live in the same town as another coworker from Gateway at Huntsville and our kids are growing up together. I met my husband at that same apartment complex. I have had so many coworkers that have turned into family as I moved up in my role over the years. Each mentor I have had has not only taught me what it is to be a leader but treated me like family. In turn, this coaching has strengthened the love I have for my career. As I transitioned into the multi-family division of Asset Living, I was greeted with the same love and family-like environment that I was accustomed to in my previous roles at the company. Being on the multi-family marketing team has only continued to grow my connections within Asset as I work every day beside the best individuals that make me a better person. I would not be who I am today without my colleagues, Asset Living and their core values.”

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