What Our Drive Value Means at Asset Living

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Sep 26, 2021
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What Our Drive Value Means at Asset Living

We never just go through the motions––we make the most out of every opportunity. Endlessly motivated, our team is stacked with go-getters that consistently show up and level up. This month, we’re dedicated to sharing how our core value of drive comes to life at Asset Living. We spoke with a few employees across the nation who’ve seen our drive value in action and they shared what these experiences have meant to them and their teams.

Rachael Kish, Regional Supervisor

“People are the catalyst for my drive. Asset Living has given me a platform for leadership: People deserve great leadership. Admittedly, on my leadership journey, I have failed (and learned) plenty along the way.  Regardless I am committed to becoming the best because my teams deserve the best. As a team, we understand failure is not typically fatal. Together we push toward our goals, often with much finesse, sometimes it is a mess, but pushing ahead, nonetheless. Drive pushes us beyond our comforts, ushering in the next dimension of who we are to become. The exhilaration of eventually meeting the new-and-improved version of myself, and those who allowed me to be their partner in development, makes drive not only a sustainable effort, but a euphoric leadership experience.”

Saad Arij, VP of New Lease-Ups

“In the last three years, many of my fellow Asset Living teammates have accelerated their careers through new opportunities and some have even been promoted! There are so many talented individuals that I get the chance to work for, with, and alongside who keep me driven to be the best employee each and every day. Having the opportunity to learn and grow alongside talented individuals has been the biggest driving factor for my career at Asset Living. Someone famous once said, ‘Show me your circle of influence, and I’ll show you your future.’ Here at Asset, we’re surrounded by the best of best in their respective fields. Based off of the unrivaled talent at Asset Living, our future is looking very bright!”

Shelby Moore, Senior Regional Marketing Director

“I started my career with Asset Living in 2010 as a community assistant right out of high school. From the very beginning, I have always had a supervisor or manager who constantly encouraged me to take pride in my work and coached me to grow in my industry. I took this advice to heart which lead to much success early-on and career growth at Asset Living. I was promoted from a Community Assistant, Assistant Manager, Property Manager, Lease-Up Specialist and I'm currently a Senior Regional Marketing Director for the Multi-Family division. Now that I have my own team, I share the same lessons I was once taught to instill a passion and drive to others within Asset. I'm proud to be a part of a team that’s leased up one of our new developments for a second year in a row in only two weeks, leased up a multi-family new development in four months, all while seeing multiple promotions of on-site team members who are now holding corporate roles. Asset Living always drives me to be the best version of myself because the leaders around me share the same vision.”

Read more about our values at Asset Living by visiting our culture page, and for any questions regarding our properties or services, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact form.  

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