What Our Honesty Value Means at Asset Living

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Oct 29, 2021
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What Our Honesty Value Means at Asset Living

We believe in being transparent, setting realistic goals, and working without bias. At Asset Living, our doors are open and our minds are set on always telling the truth––even when it’s not easy. This month, we’re dedicated to sharing how our core value of honesty comes to life at Asset Living. We spoke with a few employees across the nation who’ve seen our honesty value in action and they shared what these experiences have meant to them and their teams.

Kacey Jones, VP of Integrations

“Honesty, in a word, is loyalty. Being honest with our clients, our teammates, and our residents is a value that speaks to the level of our loyalty. We are honest and consistently incorporating the expectation of honesty out of our respect for people and our loyalty to them. Due to the honesty of our leadership and my fellow Asset Living teammates, I have been able to grow my career for nine years. The Asset Living standard is an effort unmatched, and the company's honesty is a priceless value.”

Tommy Grace, Manager of Recruitment

“Since joining Asset Living, it has always been clear to me that I could express myself and my opinion in an honest way. My supervisor has always made me feel comfortable in all aspects of the job....and all supervisors here at Asset have an open-door policy. When [I] think of the word honesty within Asset, it means that I can be honest with myself and speak my truth!”

Verna Collins, Regional Supervisor Multi-Family Operations

“To me, honesty is the foundation of true character. It is integral for a connection to your humanness, your humanity. Without it, you are never living authentically. In life and at the end of it, all we have is our character. What do/did we stand for? What are/were we about?

When I was a young girl of six or seven, I remember my grandmother had a few sayings whenever a situation called for someone to tell the truth. She would say, ‘The truth shall set you free.’ I never forgot that. I also never forgot how my hometown officials spoke about the honesty and candidness of my grandmother at her funeral. Though 14 then, I remember thinking I wanted to be remembered for always speaking up and being honest, just like my grandmother. I have upheld that code [of truth] and raised my children the same.

Honesty is a trait that I look for in others and every situation. Our residents and owners rely on us to have their best interests at heart. There must be a certain level of trustworthiness between yourself, your staff, and owners to be successful in this industry. Being trusted and respected as a person of honesty and integrity is more valuable to me than money. I expect nothing less from the team I lead. That is why it is important to align yourself with people and organizations with values you can get behind.

I am proud to be a part of the Asset Living team, as honesty is a core value of this organization. I have found Asset Living to be a place that lives up to its values, from the policies put in place to the employees hired. Honesty is valued here, and the employees I have met in my brief time with the company live up to that core value daily.”

Read more about our values at Asset Living by visiting our culture page, and for any questions regarding our properties or services, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact form.  

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