Why Cats Make Ideal Apartment Companions

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Jun 6, 2022
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Why Cats Make Ideal Apartment Companions

Finding the right type of pet to live in an apartment can be a challenge. When looking for your next pet, a cat’s independent spirit may be the ideal fit for your apartment living lifestyle. Over the weekend it was National Hug Your Cat Day so, our team is sharing three reasons why cats are the perfect furry friends to keep any apartment resident company.

Curious Cats

Cats tend to be low maintenance. The most alluring quality is that they are lower maintenance and cost less than dogs who will need constant walking, training, and grooming. Cats also don’t need a ton of space to play and explore; nosing their way through the nooks and crannies of your apartment will keep them busy for hours, or at least until their next catnap.  

Cozy Cats

Cats can adjust to apartment life with ease. Compared to dogs, cats can take better advantage of vertical spaces. Even in apartments (if allowed), you can make your cat comfortable by adding vertical levels for your cat to enjoy. If you have the wall space, you can install walkways, bridges, and other structures to allow your cat to explore. This mimics the trees, walls, and other structures they may encounter outside. Your cat will appreciate the new perspective, plus it will help to keep them off your tables, television stands, and countertops.  

Crazy Cats

Cats are naturally curious animals. As pet owners, we can significantly improve their quality of life by providing items of interest that can be just as simple as a cardboard box. Provide your cat with access to plenty of toys as well. From catnip-filled plushies and squeaky mice to dangling toys on a stick, you won’t find any shortage of cat toys online or in the pet store. Giving your cat environmental enrichments will provide adequate stimulation for a happy indoor life. Pro-catnip: Purchase a scratch post and direct your cats' claws to that. This will save your furniture overall.  

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