5 Move-In Essentials for Your Apartment

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Jul 29, 2021
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5 Move-In Essentials for Your Apartment

Moving into a new apartment? Our team of property management experts compiled important essentials every renter must have when moving into their new apartment.

A tool kit

No matter if you are a master with tools or if you have never picked up a hammer, every renter should own a small tool kit in their apartment. These are fairly inexpensive -- they are available online or can be found at the local hardware store. The next time you’re assembling a new piece of furniture or hanging up a photo, your new tool kit will come in handy!

Organization bins  

A new apartment is the perfect time to start fresh and organize your space. Storage bins are a great solution for the closet, bathroom, under the bed, and so many more places. Having your things organized in bins will not only help you know where things are, but it will make your entire space look cleaner and more put together. You can find storage bins in all shapes, sizes, and colors at most home stores. 


There is nothing worse than going to make your first meal in your new apartment and noticing that you do not have the correct cooking utensils to make the dish! Make a list of kitchen items that you have and kitchen items that you need to get once you move into your new apartment. Some important items most people forget are: 

  • A measuring cup  
  • A pizza cutter  
  • Pots and pans 
  • Dish towels  

Cleaning supplies

Once you get into your new apartment, stock up on cleaning supplies, so you have everything you need for the first couple of months. If you do not already have a broom, vacuum, and mop make sure to look into purchasing these items for your new apartment.  

Extra lighting  

Lighting is important and can help establish a sense of comfort in your apartment. Make sure to review your floor plan and see if there are sections of your room or apartment that could use a lamp. With so many lighting options to choose from you could do a floor lamp, bedside lamp or even LED lights!  

We hope these five items help make your apartment move-in ready! Do you have other move-in essentials for your apartment you’d like to share with #TeamAsset? Share with us on social by tagging @AssetLiving for a chance to be featured! For any questions regarding our properties or services, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact form. 

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