5 Tips on How to Make Your Apartment More Eco-Friendly

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Apr 21, 2023
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5 Tips on How to Make Your Apartment More Eco-Friendly

Tip #1: Unplug all Devices

Ensuring you shut down devices such as a computer or game console and unplugging them when not in use can help conserve energy. When chargers or devices are still plugged in, this causes energy to be wasted. Not only will this help you save on your utility bill, but it will also increase your device's longevity.  

Tip #2: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle  

Making sure you reduce the amount of waste you are consuming, reusing what you currently have in your home, and recycling anything will prevent our landfills from filling up. A simple way to reduce waste is by purchasing what is only needed to avoid food waste. You can also repurpose any glass containers in your home and reuse them by storing away food or items. Lastly, recycling cardboard boxes, paper, or empty cans, such as metal or plastic containers, can help reduce emissions.

Tip #3: Use Glass Over Plastic

Switching to glass containers instead of using plastic will help you live more sustainably. Not only is glass safer to use than plastic, but it is also easier to recycle and repurpose. Plastic containers leak toxins into your food, while glass containers do not. Something else to keep in mind is that you cannot recycle all plastic. Making sure to use glass over plastic can reduce its impact on the environment and improve your health.  

Tip #4: Switch Your Lightbulbs to Energy-Efficient Bulbs

Another way you can turn your space into an eco-friendly environment is by switching out your lightbulbs. Not only will this help limit the amount of electricity used, but it is a small way to help conserve energy. LED lightbulbs are the best lightbulbs to help you save electricity and your monthly utility bill.  

Tip #5: Educate Yourself with Documentaries and Books

There are many documentaries and books about how you can change your life to live more sustainably. Ensuring we educate ourselves on the risks our actions have on our environment is critical to becoming consciously aware of what we can do. Small changes in our life can make this Earth a better place to live.

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