An Inside Look at the Asset Living “TOPS” Team

Asset Living
Mar 7, 2022
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An Inside Look at the Asset Living “TOPS” Team

Meet one of the newest teams at Asset Living – the “TOPS” team. Made up of Asset Living Traveling Operational Property Specialists (a.k.a. “TOPS”) across the country, this group of operations, marketing, and leasing experts was established in 2021 with a goal of having elite individuals visit properties to identify challenges/opportunities to implement changes to ultimately help bring properties to the next level. Over the last six months, this team of road warriors has mainly been onsite and completed over 50 assignments. Assignments are based on covering staffing vacancies, leaves, takeovers, new assignments, etc.  

One of the “TOPS” team experts and leaders, Tony B., has managed the team since the very beginning. Traveling Operational Property Specialist, Gilbert Miranda, has also been a member of this team for a year now and has found the experience invaluable. “Although the ‘TOPS’ team is a newer group within Asset, I am excited to see our growth since last year!  Every ‘TOPS’ team member is a highly motivated leader, always looking for ways to improve the properties and ultimately their individual performance as a ‘TOPS’ team member,” says Miranda.

In 2021, "TOPS” was able to establish key standard operating procedures for when they assist a property, and they were successful in getting an understanding of overall needs for the onsite teams.  

“Although I've been with Asset Living since 2015, I've had the opportunity to be a member of the TOPS team since fall 2019,” says Floating Community Manager, Elizabeth Parker. “The team welcomed multiple new members this past year who have shined on their own properties with leasing and marketing and now we have this unstoppable team of 10 ‘TOPS’ members. Along with building the team, this past year we developed our own checklists, reports, and requests forms for the TOPS team to utilize during our onsite visits when assisting teams.”  

As the "TOPS” team continued paving the way, creating overall brand consistency and efficiencies to an overall better experience, Tony noticed a common trend from onsite staff. There was a sense of appreciation from the teams who had this chance to interact with “TOPS” staff to help with onsite training. “In 2022, I would like to see our TOPS team continue to grow and be a reliable resource to our clients,” says Senior Vice President Tony B. “It’s a very exciting time to be a part of Asset Living, and I can't wait to see what 2022 brings us.”  

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