Asset Living Participates in Covenant Houses' Young Professionals Sleep Out

Asset Living
Apr 17, 2023
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Asset Living Participates in Covenant Houses' Young Professionals Sleep Out

At Asset Living, we believe in making a difference both in the communities we serve and beyond. This year, a dedicated group of our team members eagerly participated in Covenant House's 2023 Young Professionals Sleep Out—an unforgettable event that raises awareness and funds for homeless young adults across the nation. Our team members spent a night outside, experiencing just a fraction of the hardship that countless young people face daily. The Sleep Out not only inspired our team to take action, but also deepened their understanding and empathy towards those in need. In their own words, here's what our team members had to say about their humbling and transformative experience at the Sleep Out.

Ivy Facio, Vice President, Corporate Marketing

“Hearing the stories of the young adults at Covenant House Texas was the highlight of my entire experience. I deeply admire how Covenant House empowers individuals to explore and excel in their unique passions. Participating in my second Sleep Out, I've realized that despite the challenges, every moment is worth it. My commitment to expand our partnership and contribute further has never been more fervent.”

Annie Diaz, Graphic Designer

This was my first time participating in Sleep Out, and I have to say I was not expecting just how impactful it would be. Hearing stories of the young adults in Covenant House’s program was heartening and moving just as much as it was inspiring and hopeful. I am so grateful to Covenant House’s work and particularly the honest care and love they outpour to young adults experiencing homelessness. I am so proud to be part of a company that partners with an organization like this one and gives its employees opportunities to participate and give back to our communities!”

Lili Arellano, Communications Associate

“The whole experience at Sleep Out was terrific and impactful. This was my first Sleep Out, and being a part of something so incredible was eye-opening. My favorite part about Sleep Out was listening to the youth talk about their experiences and talking to them at the beginning when we were doing icebreakers. It was nice getting to know them. It is truly amazing what Covenant House stands for.”

Carli Thompson, Junior Accountant

“The impact of Covenant House Texas’ work did not hit me until street outreach. Interacting with people experiencing homelessness was eye-opening, but also opened my heart and mind. I have a different understanding of Houston’s homeless situation and want to help more. I’m already participating in another event in May where all proceeds go to Covenant House Texas. I encourage everyone to get involved however they can!”

Abby Tough, Business Analyst

Sleep Out exceeded all of my expectations. It was such a close and personal event and I left feeling closer to not only everyone that attended, but closer to those who experience homelessness each and every day. Hearing the residents speak and share the most intimate details of their experience with homelessness is something I will never forget. I am so grateful to be part of a company that gives so much of their time, effort, and genuine care to such a deserving cause, and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to participate in this year's young professional’s sleep out. My perspective on homelessness as a whole has been changed forever, and for the better.”

Read more about Asset Living’s partnership with Covenant House on our blog and to learn about the impact Asset Living is having on local communities across the nation, visit our impact page.

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