Asset Living’s Community Manager Jason Borges’ Office Love List in Syracuse, New York

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May 1, 2024
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Asset Living’s Community Manager Jason Borges’ Office Love List in Syracuse, New York

Discover the charm beyond our office walls! The Office Love List is your guide to the many neighborhood and community perks that make working at Asset Living a delight. In this edition, we're looking into the local gems that add flavor to our workplace within the Syracuse area. Today, we will be hearing from Asset Ambassador and Community Manager Jason Borges, who works at Asset Living’s Aspen Syracuse student housing community.

Syracuse is in the center of New York State, so we are fortunate to play host to many special events and activities. Syracuse hosted the state Comic Con event in the past month alone, traveling Broadway productions of ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Hadestown,’ Brick Fest Live (featuring art pieces made from hundreds of thousands of Lego bricks), and stand-up comedian Mark Normand. We’re just a quick four-hour drive to New York City, arguably the nation’s biggest entertainment hub!

Local Spotlight:  

Syracuse University has a fantastic dramatic arts program, so one of my favorite activities is going to see our residents and staff perform in different productions. This year, we saw Ghost Ship, Head Over Heels, and Touch(ed).

Team Favorites:

Our maintenance team loves going to Movie Tavern Syracuse, a great restaurant and movie theatre. Most recently, several of our team members went to see the new movie Dune together!  

Favorite Dinner Spot:  

As a decently sized city with lots of diversity, Syracuse has over two hundred restaurants catering to every occasion casual, formal, and unique ethnic cuisine. Italian is our group’s go-to, with Pastabilities and Francesca’s Cucina being our favorites.  

Team Bonding Adventures:  

The most fun activity we have done as a team is trivia night at Maxwell’s, a restaurant/bar downtown. With a staff consisting of students studying medicine and meteorology, a well-traveled army veteran, and a community manager obsessed with books, movies, and cult TV shows, we make a well-rounded team!.  

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