Asset Living’s Community Manager, Will Mallett, Office Love List in College Station, TX

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Jun 24, 2024
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Asset Living’s Community Manager, Will Mallett, Office Love List in College Station, TX

Discover the charm beyond our office walls! The Office List is your guide to the many neighborhood and community perks that make working at Asset Living a delight. In this edition, we're looking into the local gems that add flavor to our workplace within the College Station area. Today, we will be hearing from Asset Ambassador and Community Manager, Will Mallett, who works in the Asset Living Campus Village Apartments.

I love working in College Station! I grew up in the area and went to Texas A&M, which gives me a unique perspective and understanding of the community. Contributing to the growth and development of an area that holds personal significance is incredibly fulfilling! Knowing the surroundings and having the support of local colleagues helps keep me motivated and connected. Asset has many different apartments in the area we manage, and there is an excellent network of Community Managers you can rely on for support, both in your career and your personal life!

Local Spotlight:  

Our community's location is next to a Starbucks, which is a daily bonus for our team. Every morning, you will see at least one or two managers in line waiting for their morning caffeine fix. It is very convenient and quick! During those mid-afternoon slumps, someone always places an order, helping us push through for the remainder of the day.

Team Favorites:  

The Campus Village lazy river has become our team's go-to hangout, especially with recent upgrades that have made it even more inviting. It's the perfect spot to beat the heat and unwind. Whether we're floating in the river or by the fire pit in the winter, it gives us a sense of camaraderie and relaxation!  

Favorite Lunchtime Spot:  

My favorite go-to lunch place is Koppe Bridge. It is a small mom-and-pop burger joint with some of the best burgers in College Station. Some of our best team meals have been there!

Team Bonding Adventures:  

Big Shots is a staff favorite. It is a golf driving range with lots of fun games and good food. This is a great place for our team to hang out and celebrate our leasing goals! Our staff also loves to go to Grand Station, an arcade/bowling alley/laser tag venue. The CV staff has thrown many strikes (and gutter balls)!

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