Asset Living’s Jai Whiteside Named 2023 Asset Ambassador of the Year

Asset Living
Feb 14, 2024
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Asset Living’s Jai Whiteside Named 2023 Asset Ambassador of the Year

Asset Living named Assistant Community Manager Jai Whiteside the 2023 Asset Ambassador of the Year. This is one of the most prestigious internal awards given to an Asset Ambassador who not only lives by our mission, vision, and values but leads by example and is a role model for the entire Asset Ambassador class. We asked team members who work closely with Jai to share insights and their personal experiences on what makes Jai a strong asset.  

Ivy Facio, Vice President, Corporate Marketing

“Jai's positivity and genuine love for his work and his co-workers shine through in everything he does. Working with him has been a true pleasure, and he's been an incredible Ambassador. I can't wait to see what amazing things are in store for Jai."

Claude Orelus, Community Manager

"Collaborating with Jai has been an absolute delight! Every single day, Jai embodies the essence of Asset Living, demonstrating unwavering positivity in the face of any challenge or hurdle and inspiring the entire team to persevere. It's no surprise to our team that Jai was awarded Asset Ambassador of the Year. With boundless enthusiasm, Jai motivates and challenges the team to strive for excellence and to grow without limits, Creating the vibrant Asset Living Culture onsite!"

Lili Arellano, Communication Associate

“Jai is the true definition of an Asset Ambassador; his drive and willingness to be a great team member has been inspirational to witness. I love how Jai cares about the success of those around him and has such a positive spirit. I am excited to see what Jai will do in the future!

Ryan DeVeau, Regional Manager

"Jai is one of the most motivated and professional people I've been able to work with. My favorite part about the role that I'm in is seeing those who want to grow achieve their goals; Jai is a shining example of a team member that has successfully harnessed their potential and utilizes it to lead his team to success. His efforts extend far beyond his property. Jai radiates everything that being an Asset Ambassador embodies and I am so proud and honored to be a part of his career journey!"

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