Asset Living’s Jai Whiteside Shares Advice on #BecomingAnAsset

Asset Living
May 24, 2023
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Asset Living’s Jai Whiteside Shares Advice on #BecomingAnAsset

Understanding how to build a successful team starts with learning from those who have worked hard to develop and shape their career to become an integral part of the team. In the #BecomingAnAsset series, we ask Asset Living employees to share advice for those looking to grow personally and professionally – from turning challenges into opportunities for career development to persevering towards a promotion – our team members are full of quality advice that can help to guide anyone towards success. Today we are hearing from Jai Whiteside, Assistant Community Manager.

What is your background and experience in and what do you do within Asset Living?

"My family has been involved in real estate and property management for as long as I can remember. I got my first job as a CA in 2018, thanks to my mother's help, who believed it would be a perfect fit for my personality and also help me make some money while in college. I began my full-time career in 2019 as a Senior Leasing Representative and later worked as a Leasing and Marketing Manager at a Lease Up Property in San Marcos, TX. After searching for a company to call my forever home, I got the call from Asset Living in 2021 and have been working here as an Assistant Community Manager ever since.

My role involves overseeing every department on-site to ensure compliance and daily operating standards are met while also optimizing collections efforts to decrease delinquency and improve the community's financial position. Additionally, I am committed to providing exceptional customer service and work diligently to maintain a positive relationship with the community. My mother taught me from a young age to be a joy to be around, and I believe that surrounding yourself with positive people makes life easier."

What piece of advice would you give to a new employee who is #BecomingAnAsset?

“It’s never easy being new anywhere. Set reasonable expectations for yourself and celebrate when you meet and exceed them! If you are #BecomingAnAsset, don’t be scared, trust the learning process, and give yourself grace. Don’t try to speed through what you don’t know at your own expense. One of the things that makes this company so special is the ability to learn things at your pace. Use all your resources and do not be afraid to seek mentorship.”

What drives you to be the best team member possible?

“One thing that motivates me to be a better team member is working in a fast-paced, hands-on work environment that allows me to train and mentor my staff individually. When my team improves, it drives me to push the threshold to improve my management style for them. My best days at my job have been when my team gets so excited because they finally understand a concept that has troubled them and being able to watch their faces light up. We are always finding learning opportunities in each other.”  

What is your favorite memory from this year or within your career at Asset Living?

“I have had such a fantastic year so far; how could I just pick one? I would say that I have enjoyed the opportunity to work at a new site following a name change and complete rebranding.  

Being selected as an Asset Ambassador this year warmed my heart. I believe in our company and our values, and am so glad to work at a company where people truly believe in me.  

We also marketed our University Housing Fair for two months with SZA, a popular singer cutout. It was quite the experience driving in my car with SZA cutout around San Marcos. Seeing all the looks we would get from everyone around the city cracked me up. We took SZA to all the local restaurants and convinced all the workers to take photos with her. It was so hilarious!

When my community hit 100% pre-Leased! BEST DAY EVER! My team had a lot to prove this year, and I was so happy to watch them overcome everything for this moment. So many hugs and excitement for a group of people I know earned this! My team went the extra mile and then some! Shoutout to The Oasis Team- I love y’all!”  

Lastly, what do you like to do outside of work in your free time?

“I love practicing my makeup skills and styling my own hair. I am always looking for new ways to express myself. I’ve also been writing my own portfolio of poems and I hope to one day make a book of poems that I have written over the years. I am always with my 3 best friends from college, who happen to also work in property management. They keep me inspired and levelheaded when I need it the most.”

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