Career Insights from Chief Accounting Officer, Jennifer Maseloff

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Mar 15, 2022
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Career Insights from Chief Accounting Officer, Jennifer Maseloff

Responsible for leading Asset Living’s accounting and treasuring functions, Chief Account Officer Jennifer Maseloff joined Asset Living’s leadership team in April 2021. With more than 20 years of industry experience, Maseloff is a seasoned financial expert and has brought many of her skills over to Asset Living. She is focused on providing best-in-class expertise to help support the growth of the company while delivering exceptional service and tangible value to internal and external clients. Throughout her career, she has learned many insights that have helped to shape her into the leader she is today. To shed light on a few, Maseloff shares where she got her start, guiding principles and philosophies that have helped to grow as a professional, in addition to what she enjoys most about her current position at Asset Living.  

What led you to accounting? How did you get your start?

“I started my career in Boston, Mass.  My first real job in accounting was working for a private, real estate investment firm as an account payable processor and admin assistant. While attending school part-time, my CAO asked me to take on additional responsibilities and suggested I take an accounting class or two.  I really wanted to focus on computers and information technology, but accounting ended up being interesting and I may have a knack for numbers.”

What are a couple of benchmarks or milestones in your career?

“After graduating from Northeastern University in 1999; I moved to Arizona where I attended ASU and received my MBA and then finally met my goal of becoming a licensed CPA.  

In my career, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work for some great leaders and my extended career at PF Chang's China Bistro was no different.  I led a number of great teams with a focus on system implementations, process improvements, and internal controls.”

What are some guiding principles or philosophies that you have followed, throughout your career?

“Honesty and integrity are my top two. Also, always provide feedback and own your mistakes. As a manager and someone who is always looking to grow in my role, I like to encourage honest and candid feedback.  I genuinely enjoy these discussions; you can learn so much from others. People and strong teams are the keys to success. You must know your own strengths and weaknesses to round out as a professional and human being.”

Is there anything specific about your current industry that stands out as unique or offers a set of challenges from an accounting standpoint?

“Property management accounting is client and customer service focused. Working with a variety of personalities and unique individuals can be challenging yet rewarding.  While every client has a set of requirements, we make every effort and work tirelessly to accommodate.”

What part of your position do you enjoy the most?

“The people and leadership. I also really enjoy implementing new systems that encourage and drive process improvements.”

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